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Welcome to Fairview!

Welcome to Fairview Christian School and Child Center! Our private school and child center are located in northeast Seattle in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood. Fairview Christian School exists to educate and empower children to become healthy, intellectually capable and vital living witnesses to the love, justice and grace of God through Jesus Christ.


We hold as one of the dearest of treasures that the United States was founded on a passionate belief in the truths of the Bible. These truths are the foundation of our nation – In God We Trust. Our founding fathers, from the Pilgrims to the framers of the Declaration of Independence, believed that for a society to be healthy it had to train its young citizens to know God as revealed in the Bible. Providing an exceptional education for today’s children is a privilege, opportunity, and responsibility we embrace.

News & Events

  • Oct 3

    Chapel: Please join the Castle Room through 4th grade

  • Oct 7

    PTF Meeting: Your Parent-

  • Oct 9

    1st & 2nd Field Trip to Remlinger Farms: Miss Hend