Why send kids to Fairview Christian School? Why send kids to any Christian school?  Why do we, as Fairview Christian School, exist? What’s the big deal? Ever ask yourself those questions? I have. I guess because it’s my job, but are there some basic underlying principles that we should all consider? Permit me to share four common objections to Christian education with some questions and statements to contemplate.

  • “We want our children to be in the ‘real’ world.”  What is the “real” world for Christians?  Is it a world informed by secularism or one dominated by the love, reconciliation, and forgiveness of Jesus Christ?
  • “We don’t want to abandon the public schools.  We want our children to be a witness there.”  Should the youngest members of God’s kingdom be on the front lines, or is it wiser to prepare them much like we would care for young plants in the garden?
  • “We would like to have our children in a Christian school, but we can’t afford it.”  What better stewardship of personal and church finances than to use them for the education of children?  “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.  Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7)
  • “The Christian school is hypocritical.”  Christian schools do not claim to be perfect or without their share of sinners any more than churches do.  The difference with the Christian school is the way in which it deals with the sin, how it models restitution and accountability, and how it encourages repentance and restoration.

   Why send kids to Fairview Christian School? My answer is I truly believe that at Fairview Christian School students will receive the best Christ-centered education available. They will be taught to evaluate life from a Biblical Worldview. They will be given the opportunity to follow Christ in all they do. They will be loved and nurtured to become the best that they can be in Christ. I could go on, but I would like to just change my question. Why would you not send kids to Fairview Christian School?

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