How do you handle life? What I mean is the hard things that life puts in your path; the disappointments, the stress, that irritating coworker, the unanswered prayers. Do you eat? Stop eating? Sleep? Stop sleeping? Are you irritable? Do you become depressed? Withdraw? Say nothing? Say too much? The list could go on and on. And the question was “How DO you handle the hard things in life?” not “How MIGHT you handle them? The fact is that we all have hard things in our lives, granted some more than others, but we all deal with challenges in life at some point. So again, how do you handle life?

When we look into God’s word, He gives some wonderful promises. I will direct your path. I will give you rest. I will give you all you need. I will uphold you. I will keep you from stumbling. Wonderful promises meant to encourage, strengthen and direct. So why is it that we when we face hard situations in our lives these promises do not seem present in how we handle them? On closer examination, these promises all have conditions. Before God gives the promise, He gives the condition. Come to me. Lean on Me. Learn of Me. Trust in Me.

Now, these conditions really don’t seem so hard. In fact, for many of us, when the hard times come, the first place we go is to God. Unfortunately, for many of us, it may be the first time in a LONG time that we have gone to Him. And that’s a problem. We need to realize that in order for the promise to be valid, the condition must be met long before we need the promise. We need to constantly be coming to God, learning of God, leaning on God, trusting God. And the list could go on. We need to be doing these things always. Of course, when life is hard we need to run to God. But, when life is good we also need to run to Him. In fact, it is probably more important to run to Him when life is good. It is in the good times that we really develop the deep relationship with God. It is when we truly learn of Him. It is when He becomes Lord. And then, when the hard times come, the conditions have already been met and the promises are fulfilled by the One we know intimately and fulfilled in abundance.

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