Ever experienced writer’s block? Maybe it’s been a long time, particularly if you do not write regularly. Perhaps it hasn’t happened to you since the last paper written for your high school senior project or the assignment that was given at the end of freshman English to compose an “original poem”, words that always brought fear to the pit of my stomach. However, this week I seem to be experiencing some writer’s block as I think about my weekly communication for the Eagle News. I even said to Sheila this morning, “I haven’t even started my article. Maybe we could just put ‘Out to Lunch’ in my space this week.” Then I thought I would just tell you of a precious gift I received last week in the form of an email.

    Now, like many of you, my inbox is filled with dozens of emails everyday,  and that’s not even counting the ones that are filtered by my spam blocker. Sometimes, I must confess, I glance over some emails and then either move them to a folder to be read later or simply delete them. But this email caught my eye. It was actually an invitation to receive a special message (OK) every day (What? More email?) sent just to me (So what’s the catch?) from God. (Yep. That’s what it said, “from God”) I read a little more and was intrigued by this special ministry.

    This ministry is maintained by two gentlemen from Canton, Michigan. Each day they send out a special message from “God” to those who are subscribed. It comes usually in the late afternoon. What is so cool about it is the each one is addressed to me. Sometimes it just starts with “Sharilee,” but others have been addressed to “My precious Sharilee” or “Sharilee, my redeemed one.” I like that. The notes are short, usually only two or three sentences. I like that, too. And they’re always signed by God, usually giving one of His names; El Yeshuati – The God of Your Salvation, Adondi Osenu – The Lord Your Maker, or Adonai Elohai – The Lord your God. I really like that.

    So these “Love Notes for God” have been a most wonderful gift. I’m reminded each day that the God of the universe has a special message for me; that the words of the message are to give me encouragement and to draw me to Himself; and the message is signed by God, giving me a glimpse into the power of His name. I’m learning more and more that the Name of the Lord is a strong tower and I can run to it and be safe.

    So, I guess my writer’s block has been overcome, at least for one more week. Thanks, Jen Laible.

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