from the West Wing

There are times in life when, just as everything seems to be going along on an even keel, something happens and suddenly the world is turned upside down. Last Thursday morning my phone rang. I recognized the name and wondered immediately why she would be calling me. Our typical communication is through text. I answered, greeted her and asked what was up. She immediately burst into tears and relayed that the daughter of a dear friend of ours had taken her own life. Suddenly the world stopped. How does one process that kind of information? I’m sure that each one of us, while possibly not going through the exact same situation, has had similar moments. We all hear news at times that is just beyond comprehension.

So it was with the disciples. They had known their friend Jesus for three years. He had taught them so much. They had done so many things together. They had laughed, cried, eaten and traveled together. They had recognized him as a great leader and they knew, they just knew he would be the new king. Suddenly on the fateful night everything turned upside down; and before anything could be done, Jesus was gone. Dead. Buried. Gone. How could it be?

Three days later, two of the disciples did the only thing they could think of to do. They returned home. It was too much. Their hopes had been dashed. There was nothing left. Home was predictable. True, it was less than perfect, but it was predictable. As they walked along the road, a stranger joined them and asked them why they were so sad. “Are you the only one in Jerusalem that doesn’t know the events of the last three days?” they ask. As they continue their journey, the stranger teaches them many things from the scripture. As they reach their destination, they invite the man to supper. It is during the breaking of the bread that it is revealed to them that the stranger is indeed Jesus; and then He disappears. This time their reaction, however, is different. No longer are they in despair. Suddenly the life has meaning again. There is hope. Jesus is alive!

I know my friends still have more questions than answers. Their hearts will never truly heal from the loss of their daughter. But this I do know. Their

To be continued. At this is the point Mrs. West got a call that her husband was being transported to Northwest Hospital.