PTF Minutes, May 5, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2015

Holly Reichmann, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Sharilee West, Whitney Haucke, Jennifer Laible, Kevin Tucker, Valerie Dominique, Deanna Gallichan and Marylinda Epps

The meeting was opened at 6:34 with prayer by Jonathan Sandelin.


There were no comments on or changes to the April meeting minutes or the minutes for the special session held on April 30, 2015. Thank you to everyone who participated.


Jen Laible was unable to get in contact with the Mariners’ organization regarding tickets so it was decided that Fairview will not attend a game this year.

PTF members can provides cookies for the Spring program to be held Thursday, May 7.

The talent show, a middle school event, will be Thursday, May 14. Marylinda suggested and volunteered to serve popcorn at the talent show.

The PTF Board reviewed the end of the year teacher gift letter which will go out to all classes. The letter asks families to contribute toward appreciation gifts for all of the teachers. Teachers have been surveyed to find out what gift cards they would appreciate receiving. The gifts will be given at the end of the school year.



Amanda reported that they have received 20 business sponsorships for the event this year. Some sponsorships represent in-kind contributions such as time donated to print T-shirts and some are cash sponsorships. Pooh and Ocean rooms children will participate in a mini Jog-a-thon on Thursday, May 14.

The main event will be Friday morning, May 15. Pledges collected by the kids will be matched by the PTF up to $5000 to raise funds for the new gym flooring.

SIDE NOTE: The church board is continuing to try to resolve the plumbing issue that caused the flooding problem last September. They also continue to research the best replacement flooring option. They will be laying a sample floor in a corner of the gym to give people a chance to see and walk on it.


Kevin reported that the Tech Club will be using a Google programming curriculum to create games which will prepare them for the robotics kit programming. The robotics kit was purchased and Kevin mentioned they will be needing additional Lego pieces. Marylinda Epps mentioned the school has some Legos that might be in storage for the club to use. Kevin also discussed he will be considering what fee to charge participants next year to cover some of the expenses involved with registering for the competitions.

Computers were recently donated to the school by Kevin’s company.


Whitney reviewed the budget and mentioned that the Fundraiser line and Scrip line are a bit behind in terms of year to date budget.


Holly will be meeting with David at St. Catherine’s on Thursday, May 7 to get more details and information about fall sports registration including soccer and cross country. Jonathan suggested Holly might write up something for the Fairview sports website.


The Fairview School Board will be sending out a letter to families about a new program that will provide families with a 50% tuition credit for any new student referred to Fairview who enrolls for the school year. The letter will be mailed to families later this week and includes a frequently asked questions information sheet. At this time, this program will be offered for the next school year, 2015-2016.

K-4 Spring Program, Three Nanny Goats Gruff, will happen this Thursday, May 7. The middle school talent show will take place Thursday, May 14 and the Jog-a-thon will take place, Friday, May 15.

The Child Center Tea is Friday, May 8.

The Child Center fundraising lunch is going well.


Questions were given to Samuel to bring to the middle school students for feedback.

 Are there things around the school that need to be fixed?

 What would be a good reward for getting Jog-a-thon business sponsorships?

 What do you hear from friends attending other schools that you would like to have happen at Fairview?


Benevolence Fund – The Pastry Sale raised $81 for the fund. Whitney will create a line in the budget for the Benevolence Fund.

Jonathan asked if we should we consider having a chairperson on the PTF Board for Benevolence Fund fundraising? Several comments and suggestions were received including first determining if someone would want the position. In previous years, Fairview had a community outreach chairperson who would focus on projects/events such as this. Someone suggested combining the Marketing position, which is currently unfilled, with a community outreach role to benefit both the school community and the greater surrounding community.

PTF Board members will want to consider if they would like to continue in their position next year or take on a new position. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Regarding the calendar, Friday, May 22nd will be a full day of school. The first day of school for 2015-2016 school year will be Wednesday, Sept. 2.

An ice cream sale will be held Wednesday, May 13, May 20 and May 27.

The next PTF meeting will be Tuesday, June 2, starting at 6:30. Pizza (6:00) dinner and childcare are provided. Everyone is welcome.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47.

PTF Meeting Minutes 2015 May 5