PTF Meeting Minutes September 8, 2015

PTF Meeting 9/8/2015

Attendance: Deanna Gallichan, Holly Beichman, Alice Hansen, Jennifer Marasiso, William Anderson, Amanda Olsen, Jonathan Sandelin, Whitney Haucke, Samuel Sandelin, Susan Moriarty, Kevin Tucker, Valerie Dominique, Melody McGuire, Maggi Windsor, Ella and Randall Born, Lonni Cerezo, Kate Henderson, Jennifer Laible

The meeting was called to order at 6:26 pm.

Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin.

August minutes were posted on the website. No one had any additions or corrections.

Jennifer discussed the first PTF event of the year, the Ice Cream Social and Back to School Night.  We have volunteers to scoop ice cream at the social. This is a great opportunity for the families of the school and child care center to learn more about the PTF, including: opportunities to volunteer, fundraisers, who current board members are, CYO sports, and the PTF budget and what PTF funds.  Children will have an opportunity to watch a video during the meeting portion. After this there is an opportunity to visit the classrooms and child care center. The social is scheduled for 6:30 pm on September 24.

Jennifer discussed the block party.  She encouraged everyone to invite friends and family.  There will be food (hot dogs), a lip sync contest, games, a bouncy house and an outdoor movie. This block party is scheduled for Friday September 11th.

Jonathan encouraged everyone to attend and share the invitation to others.  This is great opportunity to mix events with the church and the school.

Jonathan gave a fundraising update.  Chinook Books has started. This fundraiser ends on September 25th.  The jog-a-thon is in the spring and is our “Big” fundraiser.  The money has been used on the gym floor, musical instruments, Wi-Fi, playground equipment, etc.) We will be looking for ideas for what to raise money for in the next jog-a-thon.

Holly gave a community outreach/marketing update.  She said she is looking for ideas to get name out in the community and has been marketing by word-of-mouth.  As an example she has been sharing the block party flyer at local businesses and to people in the community.  She has a contact within radio who offered to do a piece on Fairview Christian School.

Holly gave an update on CYO.  She discussed that there has been some change at St. Catherine’s in the coordination of the CYO sports. She discussed potentially having a group of students interested participate in city sports.  Holly is going to do more research and potentially put together a survey for parents to learn the interest of students for various sports and interest in parents in coaching.

Kevin gave a technology update.  There are new monitors in the computer lab.  The Robotics Club is up and running.  Students learn about robotics after school.  They may even be able to enter a competition in a few months.  There is also the general technology club.  In this club students learn about programming and graphics and have a great introduction to technology.  The school is up for antivirus renewal.  The school also received new (to us) computers, thanks to a computer upgrade from Kevin’s employer. He shared the 3-4 grade is about the youngest for technology club and 5th grade for robotics club.

Whitney gave an update on the budget.  We raised $7,000, after expenses from the jog-a-thon, far exceeding the $3,000 goal.  She went over the budget.  At our next monthly meeting we will vote on approving the budget.

Mrs. West gave a school and child center update.  School started last week.  Thanks for the great weather students were able to pray outside on their first day of school.  She talked about how parents will need to use the front door for drop off until 9 am.  The new Pastor (Pastor Glenn), his wife Jo, Kelly, and Mrs. West will participate in greeting families at the door.  Also, the child center play ground is complete!

Samuel gave an update as the student representative. He plans on conducting another student survey this year.  As a group we discussed some ideas that he should ask students about, including: a T-Shirt/Sweatshirt design for the year, what we should raise money for, what kind of clubs students would like to see, any ideas for a community activity/outing.  Samuel shared that this will be his last year, as he will be graduating.  He will be working on finding a new student rep for next year.

In other business we discussed that convocation is Sunday September 20th. Convocation is a blessing that the church does for the coming school year.  It will start with a 9:30 coffee time.  We discussed on ideas for after convocation.  Some ideas discussed include having a cake or having a potluck.  We agreed to have lighter fare potluck, with appetizers. Holly and Jonathan agreed to do the set up for this.

In other business we discussed that it would be great to see if there are any parents who are interested in grant writing and could maybe work on that.  We will be asking at the ice cream social about that.  Also, would be great to see if we could have a development person.

Our next PTF Meeting is on October 6th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.