PTF Meeting Minutes October 6, 2015

PTF Meeting 10/06/2015

Attendance: Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Susan Moriarty, Jen Laible, Holly Reichman, Valerie Dominique, Sharilee West, Amanda Olson, Debbie Christensen, Leanna Ramos, Kevin Tucker

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm

Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin.

September minutes were posted on the website. No one had any additions or corrections.

All in attendance voted to approve the budget.


The ice cream social was a great success.  A number of new families helped scoop ice cream. The feedback on the prizes for completing the classroom passport was great. There was a great turnout.

The first family fund bake sale was held and $84.50 was raised.  The brownies were the biggest hit.

The multicultural Dinner is October 22nd.  We will be eating in the auditorium and the displays will be in the gym.  Kids will be standing by the displays and talking about them, but there is no actual program.

Upcoming events will be a November family fund bake sale.  The Bazaar is cancelled due to lack of vendors.  There are no PTF events in November.

The Harvest Party is scheduled for October 30th.

Jen discussed the survey results.  They don’t expect many more to come in.  The general theme is that people would like to see more art and upgrades to the playground,

Fundraising Update

Order forms for the wreath sale will go out shortly.  There is a small cost increase in the items for purchase and Corrin is going to go in and do rounding of prices so the prices are even numbers.  The dates for the sale are (about) October 12 – November 2.

The school is missing Chinook books from seven families. After follow up Corrin still has not received the books back.  The School has made $1700 profit so far from the books.

Kevin shared that the school did raise money from the monitor/laptop fundraiser, but was uncertain of exact amounts.

Leanna Ramos discussed that it would be nice to have library books be a line item in the budget.  The school library needs more middle school books.

Target Fundraising

The group discussed the idea of doing targeted fundraising for tablets.  There are some excellent deals on tablets through amazon.  Leanna discussed that the book reader part could be great, but had some concerns about security.  Kevin discussed that there are precautions that could be taken to lock it down, but managing the tablets could be tough.  As a group we decided not to move forward with purchasing tablets at this time.

We discussed fundraising for upgrading the playground.  The idea of turf was brought up, or even just a new surface.  Debbie committed to measuring the square footage of the court and Jonathan agreed to research playground surfaces.

Holly discussed doing a video for TV personality Ellen to try to get a playground for the school. Ellen has given money for other things for schools.

Jonathan shared that we could purchase paint (for new four square courts) and new balls.

Dominique shared that maybe we could paint “F” for Fairview, or something denoting that we are school hear on the side of the building.  Jonathan said he would look into things to brighten the school and we should talk about this at our next meeting.  Debbie shared that the new pastor wants to spruce up the auditorium and the kitchen could use some updates.

Marketing/Community Outreach Update

Holly talked about marketing the school. She thought of perhaps making a flyer with strips with the phone number for the school on it (grass roots level marketing) and placing at various local places, like coffee shops.

Holly reported. She is going to order chapstick & reusable coffee cups with the Fairview logo on them from a local company, which will save us $60 in shipping. A Fairview logo antenna topper was also suggested so she is going to look into that and report back at the next meeting.

CYO Sports Update

Holly is going to go to St. Catherine’s to pick up the basketball applications. She has been talking with the receptionist who has said if they have extra spots on their teams they will most likely give those spots to other Catholic schools/students. Holly passed out a survey to current families and has received several back saying that there are kids who are interested in participating. It was decided to keep moving forward with Fairview kids playing basketball until a door is officially closed to us.

Technology Update

Kevin reported. There are 8 laptops in Mrs. Ramos’ room now, plus a few more to get placed. Kevin said that there is a need to install another white board in the Science/Bible/Math/Spanish room. It will cost about $800 for all materials, including the 12’ white board with cork at the ends. Sharilee said the current board is old, doesn’t erase and is not magnetic so a new board would be really helpful. It was decided that Kevin will go ahead and order the board and supplies and he and Jonathan will get it installed in the near future. Eventually, we will need to install new boards in the First/Second Grade Room and the Kindergarten Room. Kevin doesn’t foresee any other large expenses in the near future.

School/Child Center Update

Sharilee and Amanda reported. The year is off to a good start. There is a Teacher Work Day on October 16. The school will be closed but the child center will be open.

Student Representative Update

Samuel said that he will be asking students the following questions and will report back to us at the next meeting:

  1. What are your ideas about t-shirt/sweatshirt design?
  2. What should we raise money for this year?
  3. Are there clubs students would like to see started?
  4. What are your ideas for a community activity or outing?
  5. Would you wear a bright yellow/tie-dye shirt?

For the record, he does not think the kids will go for bright yellow or tie dye shirts.

Other Business –

* Box Tops – Valerie reported that she and Hilary McWold are going thru the Box Tops that have been turned in and bagging them so they will be ready to send when the collection ends on Friday, October 16. That gives them two weeks to count and bag the rest before they have to be in the mail. The deadline for mailing them is on or before October 30, 2015.