PTF Meeting Minutes November 3, 2015

PTF Meeting 11/3/2015

Attendance: Susan Moriarty, Bev Lehman, Kevin Tucker, Amanda Olson, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Holly Reichmann, Jen Laible, Valerie Dominique, Sharilee West, Peter Christensen, Nellena Christensen

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm

Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin.

October Minutes were posted on website. Only correction was spelling of Korin Sandelin’s name.


Holiday Bazar will be held on Saturday November 7, 2015

We need parents to help with the Thanksgiving Feast on November 18th. Darla Smatlak is the point person for this event. Jen will email everyone, but cannot until Shelia returns.

Kindergarten Round Up is scheduled for November 17th at 6:00 pm. Invitations went out to all current Pre-K families. There will be a catered dinner for parents, as well as, dinner and baby-sitting for children. The agenda will be vision casting, time to eat, and dismissed. It will be a time for Pastor Glenn to reach out to current parents. He would like current families at each table to make connections with the parents. If you can attend please let Shelia know. Families outside of Fairview are invited.

T-Shirt update – There were 4 drawings submitted. Please vote – one vote per person. Jen is going to get quotes on shirt prices from various vendors.


Jonathan gave a fundraising update for Korin. Chinook Books are closed out – we sold 185 items earning $2000 for the school. Prizes have been awarded.

Wreath sale ends tomorrow (11/4/2015). Korin will submit final order on Monday. Top seller and Top selling class will get prizes.

Target Fundraising – We have nothing firm on pavement and/or art groups. Mrs. Brown gave some playground information to Amanda. Amanda said she would email it to the group.

Marketing Update

Holly said her friend is a go for the radio spot. Mrs. C is interested and potentially will make script and incorporate kids. SPS will have places to register kids and any school can come and have a table with information. It would be great to have a flyer.

It would be great to have a flyer and put it on communication boards locally (like at park, coffee shops). Mrs. West shared to talk with Kelly about a design for a Flyer.

Holly is ordering bags and chapsticks on November 16th – to get a reduced price.

Task for all PTF members to come up with 2-3 bullet points each to sell school.

CYO Update

No update from Jim at St. Catherine’s School

Holly contacted Constance and the teams are full. We were asked to email names of students.

Some coaches (who coached last year) contacted students who played last year

Holly asked or will ask Constance for dates for the rest of the sports for the year.

Technology Update

Kevin ordered a whiteboard for the Math and Science Room.

We received the Lego Gran

We are on wait list to get into the December Robotics competition

School/Child Center

Mrs. West shared that a new Kindergarten student will start tomorrow.


Amanda shared that she already received donations for some great prizes, including: Zoo Passes, movie tickets, Seahawks prize.

We discussed potentially doing online pledging. 99pledges is what St. Catherine’s School uses – but they take a percentage.

Student Update

Samuel asked the students a number of questions. He received feedback that students liked t-shirt colors of: Blue, Red, Indigo, Brown, or Green.

For raising money students would like to re-model the big playground (like get grass). Students would like a drink or snack machine, especially a hot cocoa machine.

Kids are interested in clubs – a lot of kids are interested in an art club. Some kids are interested in choir.

Students are interested in several different “Community Activities” – including, pool party, beach party, Beach Party, PJ Party, Poker Party.

There were 11 people who liked a yellow shirt and 17 who liked a tie dyed shirt. A suggestion was made to have a tie dye party – and tie dye shirts

Other Business

3600 box tops were collected à $360 for the school

We discussed whether we want to do a Scholastic Book Fair, Nellena Christensen offered to help

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm