From the West Wing

This week we have been preparing for our school Christmas program. As I sat and listened to the rehearsals each day, I was struck once again on how fortunate our students are to be at Fairview Christian School.

First and foremost, at Fairview we have a Christmas program. I don’t know how many of you really realize how unusual that is in today’s world. Many schools do not have any type of program at this time of the year, and if they do, it is called either a holiday concert or a winter concert. But, at Fairview, we have a Christmas concert; one in which Jesus is the reason we celebrate.

Second, at Fairview we have outstanding Music and Drama programs. Our students not only learn to sing, but they learn to play instruments as well. This year you will hear xylophones, recorders, and bells. This year the students have learned all the songs and sing together as one choir. It is amazing to me to realize that as they have been learning the songs, they have not sung together until this week. But each class has learned the music and words well and it is wonderful to hear the parts put together so beautifully. It has also been marvelous to watch those with speaking parts stand center stage and speak out clearly.

Last, but certainly not least, at Fairview the message of Jesus Christ is proclaimed loud and clear. This year our program does not center on the birth of Jesus. Instead, the students retell an old folk tale about why the long silent church bells rang once again. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but just be assured that the message of Jesus is present in the telling of the story.

Thank you for allowing us to work with your children. I hope you too will realize how incredibly fortunate they are to be at Fairview Christian School.