PTF Meeting Minutes January 5, 2016

PTF Meeting 1/5/2016

Attendance: Susan Moriarty, Holly   Reichmann, Jen Laible, Valerie Dominique, Amanda Olseon, Whitney Haucke, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Sharilee West, Kate Henderson, Kevin Tucker, Alice Hansen


The meeting was called to order at 6:34 pm


Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin.


December Minutes were posted on website and there were no corrections or deletions. (Thanks Jen!)



Mrs. West shared that there is an open house/registration night scheduled for January 29th from 6-8 pm. We need volunteers to lead tours, parents and middle schoolers. This will get out on the sign in front of the school.


Valerie shared that she will need volunteers to man the table for the book fair. It Is scheduled January 25-29th. Volunteers are needed in the morning and afternoon. She will be working with teachers to pull out any inappropriate materials. This takes place during Literature Week.


Jen shared that the T-Shirt order was sent in and Jen will follow-up with the supplier. We will plan the tie-dye party after talking with Leann and Holly for potential dates – and after we know when the t-shirts will arrive.


Whitney shared that the love offering total was around $3000.


We discussed jog-a-thon shirts. We threw around the idea of a brighter shirt, like last year. It worked well for field trips, as well as, the jog-a-thon.


Targeted Fundraising

Jonathan discussed targeted fundraising. The idea of a play structure or two was discussed. Jonathan is planning on going to the Board to get their input.



On the budget it looks negative – not certain of sales in December. Susan suggested getting more information out about scrip and potentially sending the order form weekly.



Holly ordered the chapstick, cups and bags. She will get a prototype and then order. Goal is to have before registration night.



Holly is working with a great person at St. Catherine’s and will be getting forms soon for spring sports.



There is a new whiteboard in the middle school.


First robotics competition went well. Six children went and they learned a lot.


Kevin is looking to see if there is a wifi fix for our system as it is not working awesome, especially with the latest iOS update.


Technology club will focus on programming now, but the robot will be available for checkout.



Whitney shared that the budget reflects the $8000 from the jog-a-thon for the gym floor.


Bake Sale

Valerie shared that the bake sale held today raised $70.00


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be February 2nd


Meeting adjourned at 7:33 pm.