PTF Meeting Minutes March 1, 2016

PTF Meeting 3/1/2016


Attendance: Susan Moriarty, Kevin Tucker, Samuel Sandelin, Jonathan Sandelin, Randel Bonn, Ella Bonn, Deanna Gallichan, Jen Laible, Valerie Dominique, Holly Reichmann, Whitney Haucke, Sharilee West


The meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm


Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin.


February Minutes were posted on website and there were no corrections or deletions.



  • Playground committee met last week and is in contact with playground contractors.
  • One contractor said we have a great blank slate
  • Could potentially do the upgrade in phases –so there is less of a delay
  • It may not be as enormous of an undertaking as originally thought
  • We still need to look into the drainage issues on the playground
  • Next step is to get a landscape architect and get a plan. We are hopeful there may be some connection within the Fairview Community for a landscape architect
  • Playground committee has two open positions 1) chair and 2) fundraising chair
  • Playground committee will be doing a community inclusive meeting to get feedback and ideas for the playground. (i/e a movie night or something similar)
  • Dacia’s been looking at grants, but at this point we need more information before applying
  • Would be great to have more members on the committee – let Jonathan Sandelin know if interested
  • The playground committee will send a survey out to teachers to get feedback on the playground.



  • March 31st is the spaghetti dinner – we will need parent volunteers to help with this
  • Looking at doing a Fairview Christian School at the Mariners day – tickets went up since the last time this was done. Tickets are now $11 – $17.  Fortunately we can buy only what we need – all seats would be together. May 1st is a Sunday afternoon game and may be good for families.  Jen is going to look at reserving tickets for that game.


  • Sun glasses idea – a dad who has a K-2 student has a sunglass company. He purchases and customizes. Pastor Glenn mentioned this as a potential give away with the school and church where they would be customized to say “Fairview Ministries”  Jen is going to look into the cost of the sunglasses.


Marketing/Community Outreach


  • Holly ordered 200 chapsticks (beeswax/vanilla) they are all white with blue FCS logo/website.
  • Holly is going to get a proof on the cups and will get them ordered – all white with blue logo
  • We discussed the various bag options and Holly is going to order a navy blue “tote” bag with the Fairview logo. We are planning on selling this for cost.  This will get the Fairview name out more in the community.


CYO Sports

  • Track and field is for 4-8 grades and sign-ups are due end of March. Holly will put a blurb about this in Eagle News



  • Kevin is working on getting projectors in place. Electrician is working with Kevin for Rooms 205 and 301.
  • Kevin is getting a quote4 for a whiteboard in 301.
  • Technology club is still running.
  • He is working with the school board on a budget to help with the website.



  • Whitney shared that she will give a budget update in a few days.


Jog-a-thon Update

  • Amanda sent an email with an update. She is requesting help in looking for business sponsors.



  • Amanda is looking into a young artist event at an art studio in Lynnwood.
  • Also, she is looking into a Fairview Dinner night out – where we would get proceeds from families eating out.


School Update

  • West shared that the science fair is coming up.
  • Also a new student is starting at Fairview tomorrow.


Student Rep Update

  • No updates
  • Samuel will reach out to students about the playground and get student input.


Active Shooter

  • We will have a walk through scheduled in March,


Other Business

  • Valerie shared that we had 1675 box tops turned in, which means for about 5000 box tops for the school year. She will be doing a celebration next week after school.
  • Bake sale (today) raised $86 for the family fund.


  • Holly shared that she has a potential contact with students from UW who are members of a Christian Fraternity who may do landscaping for us. We agreed this is a wonderful idea. Whitney confirmed we would provide supplies and pizza for the students.


Next meeting is April 12 (one week later than normal due to Spring Break!!)


Whitney will run the next meeting.