PTF Meeting Minutes May 3, 2016



PTF Meeting 5/3/2016


Attendance: Susan Moriarty, Sharilee West, Lou West, Jen Laible, Randall Born, Ella Born, Valerie Dominique, D Christiensen, Alice Hansen, Joel Hansen, Kevin Tucker, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichmann, Amanda Olson, Whitney Haucke


The meeting was called to order at 6:27 with opening prayer led by Jonathan Sandelin.


April Minutes were posted on website and there were no corrections or deletions.


Board Positions – Critical Need for a Fundraising Chair, Playground Committee Chair, and all chair positions for next year (ex: President)


Playground Committee (Jonathan):

  • Surveys sent to teachers
  • Need a landscape architect (goal pro or low bono)
  • Eagle News item each week
  • If interested in joining committee email chair/let group know
  • Mrs. C has specific things she uses playground for in PE – she will let group know
  • Email any ideas to Jonathan at [email protected]
  • Talking about doing a fellowship night to get more ideas for playground


Events (Jen):

  • Mariner game – 58 tickets were sold
  • K-4 Spring Program coming up – parents bring cookies
  • Middle School Talent Show coming up
  • Tea for Daycare this Friday


Scrip (Jen):

  • Haven’t seen the latest statement


Jog-a-thon (Amanda):

  • Shirts arrive next week
  • Lots of people have already volunteered
  • Had an exciting assembly
  • Mini jog-a-thon will be in gym or playground starting at 10, big jog-a-thon will start at 10 at Maple Leaf Park – Upper Park


Marketing/Community Outreach (Holly):

  • Delay with ordering items because the business moved
  • Received sunglasses with Fairview logos – could potentially be an all ministry item. Could use at giveaways, it is a large minimum order
  • Will soon have chapsticks, cups, and bags
  • Jonathan will talk with Pastor Glenn about the sunglasses
  • Holly spoke with Sig Ep from UW about doing yardwork at Fairview this summer. The group is excited for the service day


CYO Sports (Holly):

  • Next up is soccer K-8 and St. Catherine’s School does have spots available for our students
  • Applications will be due mid-June and cost is $35 (or so)
  • Potentially will send applications home with all students
  • Practice starts this summer with games in the fall
  • Will put in Eagle News


Technology (Kevin):

  • Still having issues with Wi-Fi for some devices in the building
  • Projector is up in 205 (Frog) but still need some electrical work


Budget (Whitney)

  • Behind in family fees- needs to go out in Eagle News


School/Child Center (Mrs. West):

  • Good science fair
  • $800 raised by spaghetti dinner (after fees)
  • Fairview hosted the district science fair. 7th-8th grade students help host, do crowd control and running on score sheets
  • This Thursday is National Day of Prayer – each class is assigned a time to stop and pray for specific things
  • Friday is the Child Center Parent Tea
  • The K-4 event is coming up and middle school talent show
  • Melodrama is the first week of June
  • June 16th is graduation and awards – many 8th graders have been at Fairview most of their school career
  • Looking ahead at next year – we have a new process for inquiries and it is working really well
  • Partnering Kindergarten families to sponsor a child overseas – Children of Promise. It is Pastor Glenn’s idea (help kids see something bigger than themselves)


  • Amanda shared that there are 2 new staff people in the office (Jen joined the staff and Taylor is an intern to Pastor Glenn)
  • Work day is May 21st – a great opportunity to get support hours


Student Rep Update (Samuel):

  • Samuel inquired with students about what types of after school clubs they would like to see:
    • Art
      • Culinary Art
      • Sports
      • Aerobics / Yoga
      • Tutoring
      • Skateboard
      • Acting Club
      • Nap Club


  • Diego said he would be willing to be the student rep next year


  • Mrs. West shared that there is no set way to start a club and that the school has had clubs in the past. This is something that could be added to the parent survey


Other Items (Valerie)

  • Valerie shared that $63.90 was raised at the Family Fund bake sale and there will be one more bake sale in June.
  • Ice Cream Sale next week on Thursday/Friday with a parent helper 2:00 or so (3rd recess)


Next meeting – last for the school year – is June 7th.


Meeting adjourned at 7:23 pm.