PTF Meeting Minutes June 7, 2016

PTF Meeting 6/7/2016


Attendance: Susan Moriarty,  Whitney Haucke, Sharilee West, Lonni Cerezo, Bev Lehman, Kate Henderson, Alice Hansen, Joel Hansen, Amanda Olson, Holly Reichman, Jen Laible, Valerie Dominique, Korin Sandelin, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Tricia Monsanto, Lynnan Griffin, Kevin Tucker, Brent Kroon


The meeting was called to order at 6:32 with opening prayer led by Jonathan Sandelin.


May Minutes were posted on website and there were no corrections or deletions.


Mrs. C shared that she needs parent volunteers for the Luau on June 17th.  Sign up will be on second floor.  The event is from 8:30-12 and will be Pre-K – 8th grade (family groups).


The group, in attendance discussed board positions:

  • President – Alice and Joel Hansen
  • Treasurer – Whitney Haucke
  • Secretary – open
  • Events Chair – Jen Laible
  • Fundraising Chair – Lynnann Griffin
  • Marketing – Holly/Lynnann
  • Technology – Kevin
  • CYO Sports – Holly
  • Jog-a-thon – Amanda
  • Playground – Open
  • Student Rep – Diego
  • Teacher Appreciation (cookies) – Jill McAdams
  • EAT – Open


Events –                        

  • Jen said that volunteers are needed for field day
  • 8th Grade graduation and awards ceremony is next week
  • Jen shared that potentially instead of staff appreciation as one event – we do a weeklong teacher appreciation week at the beginning of May.  The group agreed that this could be a great idea.  Seed money for this project will be from families that did not fulfill their volunteer hour requirement.


  • Amanda shared that the blue hair will happen as the school raised $10,300.  Also, Mr. Bill will be wormed, Mrs. Sperry will be flying like an eagle, Pastor Glenn will be eating fish, and Pastor Jen will have water balloons thrown at her.


Playground Committee

  • Last committee meeting of year will be June 14th at 4:15 pm.  The committee had someone come to a past meeting to talk about the space (playground supplier).  The committee is still looking for a landscape architect.
  • Mrs. Brown shared some ideas with the committee.
  • The next step is forming a plan.
  • Could potentially (in short term) re-paint what is already out there (map and four square)
  • Talk to Kevin to get on playground committee list.


Community Outreach and Marketing

  • Holly shared that we are on target for give-a-ways
  • Fraternity boys – Sam is the coordinator – they are ready to paint, garden, and make repairs.  It would be great to build an ongoing relationship.  There is a meeting with them at the end of June to tell them about the needs at Fairview. Holly will reach out Kevin to have someone from School Board at that meeting


CYO Sports

  • Holly shared that forms went out today to all current families for soccer.  Practices in the summer and games in the fall.



  • Kevin will email incoming 5th-8th graders about forming a robotics team.



  • Whitney did not have an update



  • Mrs. West shared that next week is the last week of school and August 31 will be the first day for next year
  • We will have a kick off meeting in August (incorporated with National Night out)
  • First week of school will do otter pops in the park
  • PTF has helped with the Maple Leaf ice cream in the park – last Wed in July.


Child Center

  • Amanda shared that there will be playdates in the park for people to meet and wear Fairview Gear
  • Introduced Taylor the Fairview Intern

Student update

  • Samuel is graduating (Congrats Samuel!!!  Thanks for being the Student Rep!)
  • Malia (who was not in the meeting) was invited in about saving Bob and Jerry (the gold fish Pastor Glenn will be eating if enough jog-a-thon money is raised) and shared that she is trying to save the goldfish and needs 40 signatures on her petition and $50 for the jog-a-thon


Other Business

  • Valerie shared that the family fund bake sale raised $60 (total is about $500 for the year) and about $40 for the ice cream sale.
  • We discussed dispersing family funds to a family in need.

Thank you Korin and Jonathan for your leadership for the past several years!!!

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm