PTF Meeting Minutes September 6, 2016

In Attendance:

Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible (Events), Jill McAdams, Alice Hansen (Co-President), Joel Hansen (Co-President), Holly Reichmann (Marketing & CYO), Lonni Cerezo, Sharilee West, Stephanie Arnold, Deanna Gallichan (Secretary), Amanda Olson, Stacy Mitchell, Diego Laible (Student Representative), Ginger Bouma, Kevin Tucker (Technology), Whitney Haucke (Treasurer), Carol Xu, and Hilary McWold.


Meeting began 6:30 PM.

Joel opened in prayer.


EVENTS (Jen Laible)

Sept 16, 2016 – Block Party – This is a non-PTF function but it’s well marketed so generally sees a large turnout. Volunteers are needed to help with the outdoor movie, set up, clean up, and other areas.

Sept 18, 2016 – Convocation Sunday – All kids and families are invited. Students need to wear their formal uniforms. This is not a mandatory school event but it’s nice to have people participate. The church service is followed by fellowship time and appetizers.

Sept 22, 2016 – Back to School Night & Ice Cream Social – Families enjoy ice cream and fellowship in the auditorium then teachers take the kids to play in the gym while the parents have a quick PTF meeting. After the meeting, parents and kids visit classrooms and have a chance to chat with teachers.

Oct 1, 2016 – Fairview Ladies Trunk Show – This event will feature local vendors set up in booths. Invitation cards are scattered throughout the church/school. 4:00-6:00 PM in the auditorium.

TBD – Celebrate Fairview Arts – This event is being organized by Pastor Dan. Kids can sign up to participate and there will be a concert in the evening. They are looking for ideas for food to serve. If you would like to help or know someone who can, please contact Pastor Dan.

Looking ahead:

Oct  28, 2016 – Harvest Party – Details are being worked out. Watch for more information.

Feb 4, 2017 – Sock Hop – Volunteers are needed for planning. Watch for more information to come.



Please sign the birthday cards going around the table.

No further information to report.


JOGATHON (Amanda Olson)

This event is still in the planning phase. One idea they have had is perhaps creating a letter that students can mail to out-of-area family and friends – the letter will talk about the event and include a self addressed, stamped envelope for people to easily return donations. Volunteers are always needed and welcome.



Alice needs someone to take over the lead on this committee, as she is now busy with PTF President work. If anyone is interested, please let her know.

Some things they already know:

Drainage Issue – 1300-gallon cisterns which would redirect water onto the street and into the storm drains, could be installed. There is a $13,468 rebate just for having the cisterns and the Rain Wise Program would work with the City of Seattle to get that money for us. The proposal of the cisterns still needs to go before the School Board.

Depaving Project – There is a program in Seattle that is looking for large scale test sites, however, we would need to put in a large amount of money (around $18,000) to participate. This could be a possible future fundraiser.

Rain Garden – The Committee met with Home Grown Organics and it has been determined that a rain garden will not work yet. The soil needs to be tested, but the City of Seattle says no because of the geology of the area. After an inspection, they will know more.


MARKETING (Holly Reichmann)

Bottles with the Fairview logo were ordered and are being sold by the middle schoolers to raise money for their Washington D.C. trip.

Cups and chapstick with the Fairview logo are still in the works and orders are being sorted out.


CYO ATHLETICS (Holly Reichmann)

Registration for Soccer is now closed. Families who signed up and paid fees before the deadline should have received (or will soon receive) an email from their coach about the first scheduled practice. Practices are after school at Maple Leaf Park.


TECHNOLOGY (Kevin Tucker)

Windows 10 and Licenses – Over the summer, the Windows 10 free upgrade expired and only some school machines had been updated to 10 by that time. Because some computers were on Windows 10 and some were still on Windows 7, Kevin decided to set them all back to Windows 7 so it was less confusing for staff and students. In doing so, it was discovered that not all computers had Windows licenses. Kevin is now looking into licensing. We will need it for 100-120 computers. One possibility is MS Office for Students and Teachers. This is a subscription attached to each user and is $1.50 per student and $2.00 for teachers. It would cost approximately $900 total per school year. In the past, licenses have been donated but that was not the case this year, so Kevin is trying to figure out the best way for us to move forward.

Middle School Laptops – The school has 19 new laptops for middle school students to use. Kevin is working on getting them all set up.

Grades 1-4 Computers – Kevin is working on getting new computers into Grades 1-4 classrooms. That should happen soon.

Student Email – If the school gets the Microsoft 365 subscription, an email is created for users in order to sign in. This could be used as a student email system if it was decided that Fairview wanted to do student email.

Wifi Issues – The current Wifi system is running into problems with the new Apple security system on many devices. If it is determined that we need a new wifi system, it could cost around $1000.


BUDGET (Whitney Haucke)

We did well last year – our fundraisers brought in a lot of money. The Fairview Family Fund raised a good amount and we were able to bless a few families in need, with money left over. SCRIP also did well and unfulfilled service hours brought in just over $1300.



Nothing to report.



T-Shirt Drawing Contest – Submissions are due Sept 14, 2016. The drawing contest was held early this year because they are hoping to have the shirts in time for Christmas.

40 Days for Life – Fairview Church is going to participate in 40 Days for Life and they are looking for other church and school families who want to join in. This event involves groups gathering peacefully outside Planned Parenthood to pray. This continues in shifts for 40 days.

After School Clubs/Activities – Alice asked what families would like to see as after school clubs/activities. We would like to have more to offer kids. We need ideas and volunteers. If anyone has a skill or hobby that they enjoy and would be willing to do with the kids – it does not have to be a full year, it could be once a week for 6 weeks, etc. The time volunteers put in will count toward their service hours for the year. If you have ideas, or want to volunteer, send Alice an email.

PTF Volunteer Survey – Surveys were passed out at orientation. Please be sure to turn your survey in. Once surveys are returned, Jen will tally things up and send email addresses to event/activity coordinators.

New Students/Families – Since the first day of school, we have 4 new students plus some school tours scheduled for potential students.

Advertising for the School – The question was asked, “How does the school advertise for enrollment?” Answer: The church has a budget for school advertising and the school also has a budget for advertising. Pastor Glenn has some ideas for advertising/marketing this year and he is looking into a radio spot. It was also stated that much of the enrollment they see is still coming from word of mouth. If you have ideas about ways the school can advertise, email Pastor Glenn.



Nothing to report from the student body at this time.

The PTF asked Diego to ask students what they would like to see for after school activities and what Dress Day should be, then report back next month.


OTHER BUSINESS (Valerie Dominique)

Family Fund Bake Sale – The Fairview Family Fund will do bake sales again this year, on the first Tuesday of every month, after school. The first sale will be Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Box Tops Fall Collection – The fall collection for box tops will begin mid-October and they are due November 1.

Someone stated that they had recently seen a food package with a “Labels for School” notation on it and asked if it a similar program. No one had heard of it but they will look into it.

Scholastic Book Fair – The Scholastic book fair will be the last week in January. Money from sales goes toward books for the school library. Volunteers will be needed. More information closer to the event.


Meeting adjourned 7:30 PM.