PTF Meeting Minutes October 4, 2016

In Attendance:

Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible (Events), Alice Hansen(Co-President), Holly Reichmann (Marketing & CYO), Lonni Cerezo, Stephanie Arnold, Tricia Monsanto (Secretary), Stacy Mitchell, Diego Laible (Student Representative), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Whitney Haucke (Treasurer), Lynnann Griffin (Marketing & Fundraising), Kristin Behrend, Tim McBride, Kate Henderson, and Aleks Gibler.

Meeting began at 6:30 PM.  Alice opened in prayer.

Events: (Jen Laible)

  • 10/20/16 – The International Potluck is a chance for attendees to dress up in their native garments and  bring their favorite dish or a food item from their cultural upbringing. Dinner starts at 6pm and is followed by a Social Studies Fair in the gym.
  • 10/28/16 – For the upcoming Harvest Party there is a sign up sheet being started for volunteers along with bringing food and cleanup.  More details will follow soon.
  • 11/5/16 – Holiday Market Place is coming up and Vendors are needed to sell their home or local business goods. The money from table rentals will go to the missions groups and the bake sale will go toward the 7th & 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.
  • 11/18/16 – The Thanksgiving Feast sign- up sheet will be out soon and volunteers are needed to help with food, setup, and clean up.
  • 12/2/16 – The Middle School Auction could use more auction items donated. Holly will be donating a YMCA membership and Alice will be making Jewelry. Valerie gave a reminder after the auction there is a Taco Salad Dinner that night as well.
  • 2/4/2017 – (Stephanie Arnold): Spoke about the Sock Hop party in which more details are coming soon.

Jog-a-thon Update – (Amanda Olson) Amanda was not present so there was no update.

Playground Committee – (Stacy Mitchell) The City initially deemed our site ineligible for a Rain Garden based on the area it is in, but the simple soil test that was done opened the door to the possibility of them allowing us to do a rain garden. It may require an additional, more elaborate and expensive soil testing.  King County wants to make sure that we don’t create a water problem, so they have to be extra careful.  We are approved for the cisterns, but that would gobble up all the rebate money and not leave any left if we did get approved for a rain garden….so we are in talks with John to let him know the rain garden is our first priority if the city will approve.

CYO – (Holly Reichmann) CYO soccer is off to a great start! Paperwork is now available in the office for 1st grade-8th grade basketball. Due by Friday 10/14. (Note: On Wednesday, October 5, 2016 we were informed by St. Catherine’s that due to CYO Regulations, 4th – 8th Grade would no longer be able to participate in CYO Basketball or Volleyball.)

Technology – (Kevin Tucker) The new Wi-Fi system has been ordered and should be set up in the next few weeks. The Kindergarten class be next to get new computers in the classroom.

Community Outreach/Marketing Update – (Lynnann Griffin) Lynnann is getting pricing on banners to be placed at Arena Sports with the Fairview School logo. There is one spot available.

Budget – (Whitney Haucke) No changes to the budget.

Child Center/School Update – (Jen Laible) Child Center classrooms are full. On the school side, there are Chinese students that could be visiting the 3rd thru 6th grades during Chinese New Year and will need housing. Pastor Glenn will have more details soon.

Student Representative – (Diego Laible) Students were asked who desired more after school activities and the outcome did not result in an interest on this matter at this time.

Other Items:

Box Top Collection – (Valerie Dominique) Box Top collecting will start soon. Get your Box Tops together and the deadline will be October 1st.  The Spring Collection deadline is March 1st. Today’s Bake Sale made over $160.00 and was very successful.

Anti-Bullying Committee – (Alice Hansen) Request went out for volunteers to help in putting together a group to provide bullying awareness in school. Lynnann Griffin and Stephanie Arnold volunteered to head this up.

Library Needs – (Alice Hansen) A Library Assistant is needed to shelve and categorize books.

Ice Cream Social Feedback – (Jen Laible/Holly Reichmann) wanted to discuss the feedback.  The outcome was that overall it went well, but ended fast and not everyone knew the PTF members.

Rummage Sale – (Lynnann Griffin) discussed her idea for a possible community rummage sale in the future. She will bring some options to the next PTF meeting.