PTF Meeting Minutes November 1, 2016

In Attendance:

Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible, Alice Hansen, Holly Reichmann, Lonni Cerezo, Stacy Mitchell, Diego Laible, Kevin Tucker, Tamara Walker, and Peter Christensen.

Meeting Began 6:30 PM.

Lonni opened in prayer.

Upcoming Events:  Jen Laible reported on Events.

11/4/16 – Early dismissal for K-8.  Child Center open as usual.  If your child needs afternoon you need to sign up in the office by Thursday afternoon.

11/5/16Holiday Marketplace – The Holiday Marketplace (formerly the Holiday Bazaar) will be held this Saturday, November 5, from 9-3 in the Fairview Gym.  We will have a full house that day. Please come and kick of your Christmas shopping with Fairview.  It’s going to be a lot of fun. Fairview will have a table and we will have blank tiles for kids and adults to color if they want along with invitations for Kindergarten Round Up and the Silent Auction.  The money from table rentals will go to the missions groups and the bake sale proceeds will be split between the Youth Mission Trip and the 7th & 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.

11/8/16Kindergarten Round Up – We have invited all of our Pre-K families and other interested families to our Kindergarten Round Up being held on November 8.  If you know of anyone who is looking at kindergarten for next year, please let us know so we can invite them.  Fairview is having a catered meal for interested families and a brief program to introduce our program, teachers and current families while their kids are at a pizza party upstairs. Those who are interested will be able to visit the kindergarten classroom.

11/10/16 – Red, White & Blue Jean Day to celebrate Veteran’s Day.

11/11/16 – Veteran’s Day – School is closed but the Child Center is open as usual.

11/16/16 Thanksgiving Feast – Our annual Thanksgiving Feast will be held November 16, at 11am in the Auditorium.  Mrs. Bratcher is teaching the kids some Thanksgiving songs.  The kids will sit in Family Groups and parents are invited to attend.  Jen and Amanda will cook turkey breasts that morning.  Stacy, Lonni, Alice and Jen will bring crockpots of mashed potatoes. We will ask each classroom (Turtle/Frog – 8th grade) to bring one item (veggie, cookies, milk, etc.).  We will need a few people to help setup, cook veggies and cleanup.

12/2/16 Silent Auction – The Middle School is hosting a Silent Auction.  All the items will be in the hall starting November 21.  The Taco Salad Fundraiser Dinner will be held on December 2. Please plan to come and invite your friends. We have a lot of really great items to bid on.

2/4/2017 Sock Hop – The Sock Hop will be held in the gym on February 4 and church will be in the auditorium the next day, which is great for our cleanup crew.  Stephanie is thinking about having a hula hoop contest, a dance instructor, costumes and a photo booth decorated like a car.  The Youth Group will be doing the food and the money raised from the food will go toward their mission trip.  There will probably be no charge to attend the event but we may do a drive of some sort (clothing, baby supplies, something like that).  We will need lots of volunteers and we want it to be well attended so please plan to be there.

Staff Appreciation – Birthday cards are on the table. Please sign them and pass them along.

Jog-a-thon Update – Amanda is planning to have a bubble machine and people blowing bubbles along the track and maybe some music.

Playground Committee – Stacy reported that we are approved for a rain garden.  The question right now is whether we want a cistern or not. We definitely don’t want to use up all our rebate budget on a cistern but that would be a great solution to the water runoff from the building.  BJ is checking on a few details and is getting contractor bids.  The Playground Committee will probably schedule an official meeting once we get some of these details ironed out and then have a quarterly meeting.

CYO – Holly reported that we had two kids sign up for basketball.  The soccer season has ended and it was a great season!  She will have more information in the Spring when spring sports start.

Technology – (1) Kevin reported that the new Wi-Fi system has been installed and is working well.  (2) He found a really good deal on a smart board and he and Henry Laible installed it in Leanna’s room last week.  Her room will be the test project. If she finds the smart board is super helpful we will start to install them in other rooms.  He thinks this is a great system but will let us know next month.  (3) He is looking for curriculum to get Tech Club started up again.  He can use the old curriculum but would like to find something new.  Either way, he’d like to get it started soon.  (4) The website needs to be updated and he has some volunteers working on that.  It should be updated soon.

Community Outreach/Marketing Update – (Lynnann Griffin) Lynnann is getting pricing on banners to be placed at Arena Sports with the Fairview School logo. There is one spot ready for us.

Budget – Whitney arrived late but said we are in good shape money wise.  The budget looks like we have a lot of money but a lot of it is designated for the playground.  That said, we are still in a good position financially.

Child Center/School Update – The Child Center classrooms are full and the wait lists are long.  The school is gearing up for Kindergarten Round Up (see Events).  Glenn asked Jen to report that the new Bullying Policy will be emailed in the next few days.  The new policy compliments the harassment policy currently in the Student Handbook. The new policy is more detailed.  Once it is emailed out, parents will need to read it, go over it with their kids and sign a statement saying they understand the policy. The new policy comes with a form to help us document cases of bullying.  It is important to document events as they happen.

Anti-Bullying Committee – Alice reported that 75 “warm fuzzies” were handed out to kids in the last few weeks.  They were given by teachers and staff to kids who were caught doing something nice.  The anti-bullying books the PTF purchased have arrived and are being used in classrooms. She has gotten good feedback.  We are working on having a police officer come to an assembly to speak about bullying this fall and another speaker for spring.

Student Representative – No report from Diego.

Other Items:

Box Tops – Valerie reported that we collected over 3,000 box tops which translates to over $300 for the school.

Scholastic Book Fair – Valerie reported that the Scholastic Book Fair will be held in January during literature week.  She will need parent volunteers to run the sale table before and after school that week. In the past few years the book fair has raised around $300 for library books each year.

Chinook Book Sale – The sale is wrapping up.  We are billing all of the families who did not return their Combo Pack. The charge for that is $30.  We should have the numbers at the next meeting.

Wreath Fundraiser – Wreath orders are due on Friday, November 4. Please get your order in.  These make great Christmas presents.

T-Shirt/Hoodie Order – The order went in today. We ordered 75 items, including some extra PE shirts to have in the office.   I’m waiting for an invoice and once we pay, the items should be delivered two weeks later.  Jen will have all of the information at the next meeting.

Zoo Lights – Fairview was able to get 100 Woodland Park Zoo Lights tickets to give out to our families. An email will be sent and tickets will be given on a first come – first serve basis.  The tickets are only good for certain dates – November 27 – 30 and December 4-7.  For more information on Zoo Lights you can visit

Meeting was adjourned.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, December 6.  See you then!