PTF Meeting Minutes December 7, 2016

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday, November 6, 2016


In Attendance:  Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible (Events), Alice Hansen (Co-President), Joel Hansen, Holly Reichmann (Marketing& CYO), Stephanie Arnold, Amanda Olson, Stacey Mitchell, Diego Liable (Student Representative), Bev Lehman, Whitney Haucke (Treasurer), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary) Lonnie Cerezo.

Meeting began at 6:30 pm with prayer.

Alice opened in Prayer.

Events: (Jen Laible)

November 2 –Middle school auction

-Went very well and profited $7,951.00. Total funds collected still pending.

 December 8 – K-8 Christmas program

December 13 – Child Center Christmas program

-Still need PTF members to volunteer with Love Offering collection and other tasks.

– Bring cookies to share.

December 17 – Christmas Café

Kid’s artwork will be put up for display.

– Bring a dish to share.

January 23 – Literature week

-Jan 25 – Literature Dress Up Day

– Jan 26 – Scholastic Book Fair * Valerie need volunteers

* Door decorations ideas for the week are pending.

February 4 – Sock Hop (Stephanie Arnold)

-23 volunteers will be needed and signup sheets will be out soon.

-Jennifer Smith (Youth Pastor) volunteered to organize with the food options.

-Funds will go towards the youth mission trip to Puerto Rico.

Staff Appreciation (Jen Laible)

Please sign Birthday cards to recognize our amazing staff.

Jog-a-thon (Amanda Olson)

-A company called “ 99 Pledges” is being considered for the pledging this year. They provide social media options like Facebook and Twitter for donations.

– The theme idea is “Bubbles.”

Playground Committee (Stacy Mitchell)

-The $18,000 rebate from the company will cover the rain garden and the cistern. More details to come in the New Year.

Fundraising (Jen Laible)

$891.00 profit from wreaths

-There are still more for sale. Inquire in the office.  Remaining wreaths will be sold at both Christmas programs.

CYO Sports ( Holly Reichmann)

-Basketball still in progress.

-More updates toward February on next upcoming sport.

Technology (Kevin Tucker)

-Interactive whiteboard is being used.

-Test system is in and being taught to other teachers.

-“Land School” gives control to teachers regarding what the students are doing on their computers in class and can be used for teaching purposes also.  Thirty licenses are needed for the other classrooms to have access to this software.  PTF approved the plan to pay for the licenses to move forward.

-A new sound system for the auditorium is in progress.

Computer Science week  is 12/5-12/9

-Encourage kids to practice coding at home. A good website is CODE.ORG.

Budget (Whitney Haucke)

-Fundraiser total may decrease temporarily but will increase again. No other updates.

School / Child Center (Jen Laible)

-Pastor Glen continues to encourage parents to document and report any bullying or inappropriate behavior.  If you haven’t gone over the new policy with your kids and signed the appropriate document, please do so.  If you need one, just let them know in the office.

TAPROOT is coming to Fairview on January 23 at 10am to do an anti-bullying presentation.

Student Representative (Diego Liable)

Nothing to report at this time.

Other Business

-Craft class went great with Kristin.

-Alice plans to start a Jewelry making class for kids.  Dates to be determined.

Bake Sale (Valerie)

-The Family Fund Bake Sale had a profit of $90.00 on Tuesday.

Freezer Meals

-More freezer meals are needed.  Please bring them to the office with the ingredients and baking instructions attached.  The office distributes them as needs arise.


Meeting was adjourned.