PTF Meeting Minutes January , 2016

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday, January  3, 2017


In Attendance:

Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible (Events), Alice Hansen (Co-President), Holly Reichmann (CYO),  Stacy Mitchell, Whitney Haucke (Treasurer), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary), Lonni Cerezo, Brian McCarty, Nicole Casillas, Kristin Behrend, Sharilee West, Pastor Glenn, and Pastor Jo.


Meeting began at 6:25 pm with prayer.

Alice opened in Prayer.


Events (Alice Hansen)

  • Christmas Concert/Love offering
  • Went very well and profited $2400, which was distributed to faculty.
  • Facebook Live was a success.
  • TAP ROOT Presentation and Assembly will be January 23 at 10am on Anti-Bullying.
  • Open House – January 26
  • Books Before Bedtime details still pending. We are planning to have Middle School students reading in each room so that kids can hear a story while their parents talk to the teacher in each room. Flyers and advertisement coming soon.
  • Literature Week & Book Fair – January 23 – 27
  • Valerie to give out more details soon.
  • Literature Dress-Up Day – January 25

Committee Updates

  • Staff Appreciation (Jen Laible) – No cards to sign at this time but please stop by the office in the next week to sign them.
  • Community Outreach (Lynnann Griffin) – Karate class possibly in the future. More details to come.
  • Playground Committee (Stacy Mitchell)
  • No updates at this time. The Elder Board has to approve the plans. Pastor Glenn will get back to us on further details in the near future.
  • CYO Sports( Holly Reichmann)
  • Basketball still in progress.
  • Volleyball starts in February for grades 4 – 8. Forms due by Janueary 15.
  • Parent Lead Activities
  • Kristin Behrend updated us on her Craft Class. There was a great turnout for this class.  More parent volunteers are needed for classes in the future.  Stacy Mitchell may teach baking class. Details coming soon.
  • Technology (Kevin Tucker)
  • Land School” software ordered and computer lab software is updated.
  • Goal is to provide the software to the laptops next.
  • Looking into a code entry lock system for front door of school.
  • Budget (Whitney Haucke) – Bank Balance total is $33,996.00 but may decrease with upcoming purchases. No other updates.
  • School and Child Center
  • Pastor Glenn provided a teacher evaluation form to be filled out by parents to give feedback on their child’s experience in the classroom. Forms can be filled out and returned to him in the office.
  • Kindergarten class is filling up.
  • Child center is full and has a sizable wait-list.
  • Currently accepting applications for School Administrator.

Other Business

  • Purple Party on January 22 to celebrate Pastor Jo completing her cancer treatment.
  • We are investigating a Book Scanner for Library. Volunteers needed for library help. Amanda will put a request into the Wednesday newsletter.
  • Bake Sale – Valerie reported that the Family Fund Bake Sale had a profit of $46.
  • Freezer Meals – More freezer meals are needed.

Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting will be February 7, 2017.