PTF Meeting Minutes March 7, 2017


In Attendance:  Valerie Dominique, Jennifer Laible (Events), Joel and Alice Hansen (Co-Presidents), Holly Reichmann (CYO), Stacey Mitchell (Playground Committee), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary), Lonni Cerezo,  Sherri  Hainje, Whitney Haucke (Treasurer), Jill McAdams (Staff Appreciation), Diego Laible (Student Rep), Kate Henderson and Lynnann Griffin.


Meeting began at 6:28 pm with prayer.

Joel opened in Prayer.

Upcoming Events: (Alice)

  • Shamrock Grams will be distributed to the kids during the week of 3/13. The will be prepared by Lori and the office staff.
  • Science Fair & Spaghetti Dinner will be held Thursday, March 30, at 6pm. Volunteers needed.

Staff Appreciation:(Jill & Jen)

  • Birthday cards to sign for staff birthdays.

Teacher Appreciation Week of May 1: (Jill and Jen)

  • We are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week instead of doing a Love Offering in May for teacher gifts. We are looking for ideas and volunteers.
  • We are thinking of doing different themes every day (Mocha Monday, Treat Tuesday, etc.) but we will need a team of people.

Jogathon: (Jen reporting for Amanda)

  • Need Business sponsors!
  • T-shirt color has been chosen and will be announced soon.
  • Focus this year is on collective number laps as a school. Amanda would like the prize to be an experience the whole school could participate in if a certain number of laps is reached.

Playground: (Stacey)

  • Plummer assessed pipes and found that connections need to be fixed along with some drain work.
  • Pricing for labor is being assessed with a possible spring start date.

Community Outreach & Marketing (Lynnann)

  • No updates to report at this time. Stacey Mitchell will be happy to help with marketing.

CYO Sports (Holly)

  • Track and Field for 4th-8th Applications and $30 fee due by March 27.
  • City of Seattle offers Girls Lacrosse for grades 2 thru 8.
  • North Seattle Baseball deadline is April 1.

Parent Lead Activities (Alice)

  • Tech group with Kevin going well.

Technology (Kevin)

  • Some surveillance cameras need replacing.
  • Comparing estimates on accessing security locked doors.

 Budget (Whitney)

  • We are doing well financially. We need to raise at least $6,000 from the Jog-a-thon (or other fundraisers) to finish up the year.
  • Whitney reminded everyone to use SCRIP!

School and Child Center Update (Jen)

  • Prospective School Administrator will be at the school this week to observe and meet the Staff and School Board.
  • There is currently a long waiting list for Child Center.

Student Rep: (Diego)

  • No Updates

Other Business

  • Box Tops Collection – Valerie reported that we made $400-$500 from our Box Tops Collection this school year.
  • Disaster Awareness Team is being formed. One idea is for PTF to assemble Emergency Bags that would be stored in our Disaster Box and distributed to kids in the event of a disaster.
  • Mom’s Craft Night – Kristin Behrend ran the kids craft class in the fall and graciously offered to do one for moms, depending on interest. Right now, people feel overwhelmed by spring commitments and science fair projects.

Family Fund Bake Sale (Valerie)

  • The Bake Sale had a profit of $67.50.

Freezer Meals

  • There are many freezer meals at this time if people are in need.

Meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting is Tuesday, April 11, due to Spring Break the previous week.