PTF Meeting Minutes May 2, 2017

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday, May 2,  2017


In Attendance:   Lonni Cerezo, Alice & Joel Hansen (Co-Presidents), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Melody McGuire, Amanda Olson (Jog-a-Thon), Holly Reichmann (CYO),  Stacy Mitchell (Playground Committee/Marketing), , Jennifer Laible (Events), Diego Laible (Student Representative) and Glenn McClimans.

The meeting was opened at 6:30 pm with prayer.

Upcoming Events: (Alice Hansen)

  • Spring Program – “Little Red Riding Hood” is the K – 4 Spring Program this year. It will be held Thursday, May 11 at 7pm in the Auditorium.  Please bring a plate of cookies to share.
  • Middle School Talent Show – The Middle School Talent Show will be held Thursday, May 18 at 7pm in the Auditorium. The Middle School is hard at work preparing a great show.  Popcorn will be served by the PTF.
  • Jog-a-Thon – The Mini Jog-a-Thon will be held on Thursday, May 18, at 10am in the Fairview gym. The Jog-a-Thon will be held on Friday, May 19, at 10am at Maple Leaf Park.  Envelopes have been sent home and emails have been sent. This year we are making giving easy by using 99Pledges.

Board Positions for 2017-2018Alice asked everyone to think about their current Board Position or committee commitments.  Would you like to be part of a different committee or have a different Board Position?  Would you like to add a committee?

Staff Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation week:  (Jennifer Laible)

  • As of this meeting, Teacher Appreciation Week was off to a great start. We had a different theme each day (Mocha Monday = Starbucks delivery, Topping Tuesday = Ice Cream Sundae Bar in the Teachers Lounge and gifts for all the teachers/staff, Wild Card Wednesday = Cookies in the Staff Lounge and gifts distributed to all teachers/staff, Thankful Thursday = Smoothies in keepsake cups and Friday = Cinco de Mayo Lunch in the Teachers Lounge and handmade thank you notes from students and their families).
  • We are still accepting monetary donations to help offset the costs. Checks can be made out to Fairview with “Teacher Appreciation” in the memo line.
  • We have some ideas for making it easier next year. We will definitely need a bigger group of people helping out!
  • EATT – There will be no EATT in May. Sarah Korkowski has done and amazing job of organizing EATT this year and, as usual, our families have gone above and beyone.

Playground Committee Update (Stacy Mitchell/Alice Hansen)

  • Stacy is applying for two grants. One of them is for King County Conservation and is due June 1. They usually have a 4-6 week turnaround.
  • Phase 1 of the Playground Renovation (The Rain Garden) will start in July.
  • Phase 2 is the depave portion of the renovation and new playground equipment.
  • Stacy met with Pierce County Conservation District and they will give us a sample budget of the depave piece to use as a reference. They might want to partner with us on this project as they are looking for a regional site.
  • We need to formulate a better plan and draw up a better design for our renovation to submit with grant applications.
  • We want our playground to be a natural space, including the play structures. Natural looking play structures are available.  We could use wood but wood has a shorter life than composite.

Marketing Update (Stacy Mitchell)

  • Stacy presented a Marketing Plan at the last meeting. She thinks that we will get the biggest value from marketing for specific events (like Kindergarten Round-Up and Open House). She would also like to see us do a little push to get more people involved in our Block Party.

Student Activities –

  • CYO Sports (Holly Reichmann) K – 3 Soccer is the next CYO Sport. Applications will be due in June.  Teams practice in the summer and games and one practice a week start in the fall.  The cost is $35/student.  It is super fun and low key.

Disaster Awareness Team (Holly Reichmann/Alice Hansen)

  • The Disaster Awareness Team would like to ask parents to make a disaster bag for their child. It would include things like water, power bars, a photo, some snacks, a change of clothes, and more.  The Committee will publish a list to distribute to families.
  • If you would like to be part of this Committee, please contact Alice or Holly.

Parent-Led After School Activities:

  • Tech Club (Kevin Tucker) Tech Club will end when school ends.  It’s going well.  Right now the kids are working on Code Combat where they program a robot to do things.  They are loving it.
  • Spring Craft Class (Kristin Behrend) Kristin will be hosting a craft class on three Wednesdays in May. The kids will make a Mother’s Day Gift, a Father’s Day Gift and a Hostess or Graduation gift.  The cost is $20 to cover supplies.
  • Jewelry Class for Middle School Girls (Alice Hansen) Alice will be hosting a jewelry class for middle school girls.  The class will be held at Bead World and Alice will drive the girls to and from class in her van.  The cost is $25 to cover supplies.

Budget: (Whitney)

  • Whitney was unable to attend the meeting. The budget was distributed. All questions can be directed to Whitney.

School/Child Center Update:

  • Our new school administrator, Kent Davis was hired and will arrive at the beginning of June.
  • We currently have a long waiting list for the Child Center.

Student Rep: (Diego Laible)

  • Diego was asked to find out what the Middle School kids would like to see on the playground – maybe an outside eating area? Other ideas?  He will report back at the June

Other Business: (Alice Hansen)

  • Board Position/Committee Members need to be selected at the next board meeting or at the summer meeting. Please be ready to discuss in June or August.

Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting will be June 6, 2017.