PTF Meeting Minutes October 3, 2017

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday,  October 3,  2017


In Attendance:   Jennifer Laible (Events), Alice & Joel Hansen (Co-Presidents), Holly Reichmann (CYO),  Stacy Mitchell (Playground/Marketing  Committee), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary),  Pastor Glenn McClimans, Pastor Jo McClimans, Kent  Davis(Principal), Lonni  Cerezo,  Sherri Hainje, Bev Lehman, Whitney Haucke, and Alexa Haucke.

Meeting started at 6:30pm.

Introduction of Guest Speaker:  Alice Hansen

Guest Speaker: Nancy from Sustainable Seattle

  • Explained Fairview’s Depave Project
  • The first phase of the Rain Garden on the playground is completed.
  • Due to the Rain Garden being installed, up to 48 million gallons of runoff water will be prevented from entering the sewer system.

Upcoming Events: (Jennifer Laible)

  • 9/25 Picture Retake Day
  • 10/18 – EATT
  • 10/27 – Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Rain Garden. Sustainable Seattle and Rainwise will be in attendance. Light refreshments will be served in the Auditorium.
  • 10/27 – Hot Dog Dinner at 5:30. This is a fundraiser for the Washington, DC trip in 2019.
  • 10/27 – Harvest Party from 6pm-8pm. Ellyana is looking for volunteers.
  • 10/30 11/3 – Literature Week
  • 10/31 – Literature Dress-Up Day
  • 11/11 – Holiday Marketplace
  • 11/17 – Thanksgiving Feast in the Auditorium at 11:30
  • 11/20 – 11/21 Parent/Teacher Conferences After School

Committee Roles & Fundraising: (Alice Hansen)

  • Chinook Book Orders – Due 10/6
  • SCRIP still available. Obtain info in Office.
  • Wreath Fundraiser – Wreath Orders will go home in October. Wreaths will arrive the week after Thanksgiving for Christmas season.

Outreach: (Alice Hansen)

  •  Bake Sale – On PTF Tuesdays. Today’s Bake Sale raised $112.00.
  • Freezer Meals (Alice Hansen) – Meals are available and always needed. Inquire in the office if you know someone who needs a meal or if you would like to make one.

Playground: (Stacy Mitchell)

  • Sustainable Seattle will help with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Press Release.
  • Volunteers needed with playground design and sketches.
  • Work on a timeline for Phase 2 can start now. We need a landscape architect to help us with the final drawing.

Marketing: (Stacy Mitchell)

  • No updates.

CYO Sports: (Holly Reichmann)

  • Basketball Registration now open. Go to St. Catherine’s website to register and pay.
  • Practice for 1st-3rd grade Oct. 30
  • Practice for 4th-9th grade Oct. 23


Parent-Led Activities: (Alice Hansen)

  • Kevin will be starting a Technology/Robotics/Coding group in near future and needs volunteer adults.
  • Alice plans to start another jewelry making class in November

Technology: (Kevin Tucker)

  • An order was submitted for Smart Boards for the classrooms.
  • Volunteers needed who have website experience.

Budget: (Whitney Haucke)

  • See Budget attached to Agenda.
  • Budget needs to be approved by PTF at November meeting.

Student Rep: (Alexa Haucke)

  • 8th grade class is planning a trip to the coast and could use fundraising ideas.


School/Child Center: (Kent Davis)

  • NWEA Test results were sent out to parents last week. Davis is working on scheduling a Town Hall Meeting to discuss results.

Disaster Awareness: (Alice Hansen)

  • October 17th– Disaster Preparedness Meeting hosted by the Phinney Neighborhood Association at 7pm. Alice is planning to attend the meeting.  Let her know if you would like to attend.

Other Business:

  • We have a librarian who is volunteering in the library reshelving books. She has a vision for reorganizing what we have. We are always looking for volunteers who can reshelve books.
  • Lehman is available to train the volunteer librarian on entering books into Renweb.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.