PTF Meeting Minutes December 5, 2017

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


In Attendance:

Jennifer Laible (Events), Lori Sperry, Alice & Joel Hansen (Co-Presidents), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary),  Pastor Jo McClimans, Lonni  Cerezo,  Sherri  Hainje, Alexa Haucke (Student Rep), Malia Dominique (Student Rep), Rachel Howden, and Mike Haucke

Meeting started at 6:30pm.

Joel Opened in prayer.

Upcoming Events: (Alice Hansen)

  • 12/7 – School Christmas program @ 7:00pm
  • 12/12 – Childcare Center Christmas program at 7:00pm
  • 12/13 – EATT
  • 12/15 – Noon Dismissal/ Ugly sweater day
  • 1/22-1/26 – Book Fair. Volunteers needed
  • 1/25 – Cultural Dinner and Open House. Bring food to share. More info to come.

 Fundraising: (Alice Hansen)

  • Bake Sale (Valerie Dominique) – raised $28.00 Tuesday
  • SCRIP – SCRIP is available for sale at both Christmas programs. Obtain info in office.
  • Wreath Fundraiser – Earned over $900.00
  • Freezer Meals (Alice Hansen) – Meals are available. Inquire in the office.

Playground: (Alice Hansen)

  • Met with Sustainable Seattle about when/if Phase 2 will start.
  • Volunteers needed to help build raised beds required in order to complete Phase 1.

CYO Sports: (Alice Hansen)

  • Basketball season has begun.

Parent Lead Activities: (Alice Hansen)

  • Hour of code for the week of 12/4 every day after school

Technology: (Kevin Tucker)

  • Smart Boards have been added in classrooms.
  • Computers have been put in the Kindergarten class. Next class to receive computers is 1st & 2nd
  • Requesting to upgrade parking lot cameras.
  • Auditorium now wired for sound and projectors added.

Budget: (Mike Haucke)

  • See Budget attached to Agenda.
  • No updates at this time.

Student Rep: (Alexa Haucke/Malia Dominique)

  • A poll will be done by 5th-8th graders to vote on the next parent led after school activity. Students will report back to Alice next week.

School/Child Center: (Lori Sperry)

  • Car theft in the parking lot last week.
  • Reminding parents not to leave valuables in the car.
  • New PE teacher starting soon.

Other Business:

  • Not at this time

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.  The next meeting will be January 9, 2018 (the second Tuesday).