PTF Meeting Minutes November 14, 2017

Fairview Christian School
PTF Minutes
November 14, 2017

Attendees:  Alice Hansen, Valerie Dominique, Tiffany Gray, Kevin Kindrick, Tamara Walker, Lori Sperry, Jill McAdams, Kevin Tucker, Stacy Mitchell, Malia Dominique, Whitney Haucke and Alexa Haucke.

  1. Alice opened the meeting in prayer.
  2. Upcoming calendar & events were reviewed.
    1. Please note the meeting (and Family Fund Bake Sale) in January will be the 2nd week in January – on January 9, 2018!
  3. Fundraising –
    1. Wreaths arrive the week of 11/28. We need volunteers to organize and pass out the wreaths.
    2. SCRIP – make sure and buy your Christmas presents or Christmas gift cards using SCRIP.
  4. Outreach –
    1. Family Fund Bake Sale – Valerie reported that there needs to be a little better organization of the bake sale. Since all students now get out of school at the same time, there is a rush of students at the table and it pretty chaotic in the hallway.
    2. Freezer Meal Program – still need frozen meals
  5. Playground Committee – Rain garden is in and is working well. It captures an estimated 5,000 square feet of roof water and keeps it out of the sewer.  Fairview celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  This was good publicity for the school.  Signage for the garden will be installed soon.  There is a meeting tomorrow, November 15, with DePave Seattle.  Quoted cost of new playground is now at $100k.  This is more than FCS can afford at the time, and we don’t want to delay the installation of the playground for much longer.  Alice & Stacy have been looking for grants and other income sources to help with this cost.  We received a $13k grant, but receiving that money dependent on us installing a number of raised garden beds.  We need more volunteers to sit on the Playground Committee so if you’d like to participate please let Alice know.  Lori Sperry sketched out a drawing of her vision of the playground which would accommodate the needs of all three ministries.
  6. Marketing – no update.
  7. Student Activities –
    1. CYO sports – No update.
    2. After School Parent Led Activities – Alice reported that there was one more session of the Jewelry Class left. The class has been really fun and well attended.
  8. Technology – Kevin Tucker reported that PlayWell is doing a demo at Fairview this Friday – using Legos & teaching physics and robotics. PlayWell will also offer 8-week courses after school if there is enough interest.  Kevin will also be using this to gauge interest in starting a robotics or technology club.
  9. Budget – Whitney Haucke presented the up-to-date budget numbers.
  10. School/Child Center Update – Kindergarten Roundup went well. Eight families attended.  We are planning a First Grade Roundup in January.  A discount will be given on first grade tuition.
  11. Student Representative – Malia discussed Character Bucks and asked about future award ceremonies.
  12. Other Business –
    1. Need a volunteer to bring salad to the next PTF meeting. Please email Jen if you would like to provide the salad.
    2. Need new volunteers to lead the following committees for next year –
      1. Mariners Game
      2. Family Fund Bake Sale
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  1. Box Top coordination
  2. Thanksgiving Feast
  1. Alice & Joe Hanson will be stepping down as PTF presidents at end of the school year. Please be thinking about whether you would like to participate in this way.
  2. Questions were raised about upcoming activities, including science fair, speech meet, talent show, melodrama and honor roll. Parents were encouraged to direct their questions to Principal Davis.


Next Meeting is Tuesday, December 5th at 6pm.