PTF Meeting Minutes January 9, 2018

Fairview Christian School

PTF Meeting

Tuesday,  January 9,  2018


In Attendance:

Jennifer Laible (Events), Stacy Mitchell, Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary),  Pastor Jo, Lonni  Cerezo,  Sherri  Hainje, Alexa Haucke (Student Rep), Malia Dominique (Student Rep), Amanda Olson, Jessie Salmeron, Valerie Dominique, Whitney Haucke, Sherri Hainje

Meeting started at 6:25pm

Alexa opened in prayer.

Upcoming Events: (Jennifer  Laible)

  • 1/22 – 1/26-(Valerie Dominique) Book Fair. Volunteers needed for setup before and after school.
  • 1/25 – Cultural Dinner and Town Hall at 6pm. Bring food to share and invite friends.
  • 2/10 – (Amanda Olson)- Hoe Down and Chili Cook Off. 5pm-8pm. Includes games, food. Volunteers needed.

 Fundraising: (Jennifer Laible)

  • Bake Sale(Valerie Dominique)- raised $57.40 and money always comes in after the sale
  • SCRIP- raised a successful profit  for Christmas
  • Chinook books –raised $2,795.00 with a profit of approximately $1,397.50
  • Freezer Meals – Meals are available and more are needed. Inquire in the office.

Playground: (Jennifer Laible)

  • King County Conservation District approved the budget for greenhouse.
  • A sign will be placed to explain details of raingarden on playground.

CYO Sports:(Jennifer Laible)

  • No updates at this time

Parent Lead Activities:(Jennifer Laible)

  • Kevin may start a robotics class for kids depending upon interest. Details to come.

Technology: (Kevin Tucker)

  • Auditorium now wired for sound and new projectors added.
  • Tablets or funds to purchase tablets have been donated to Mrs. Lehman’s class and Mrs. Tandasi’s class. And, since the time of the PTF meeting, money was donated to purchase tablets for Miss Henderson’s class.

Budget: (Whitney  Haucke)

  • See Budget attached to Agenda.
  • No updates at this time.

Student Rep: (Alexa Haucke/Malia Dominique)

  • The final poll report by 5th and 8th graders showed majority requested chess and baking. The kids are interested in the following clubs:
    • Chess Club
    • Cooking Class
    • Canvas Painting
    • Language Club
      • French
      • Mandarin
    • Sports, including
      • Basketball
      • Pickleball
      • Volleyball

School/Child Center:(Amanda Olson/Jen Laible)

  • Still a long waiting list for Child Center.
  • Child care staff needed.
  • 2018-2019 Kindergarten class is filling up.
  • There is a meeting tonight of next year’s 1st grade families to cast a vision for next year.

Other Business:

  • Fall Box Top drive raised $326.40
  • There are Several Committee/Event Coordinators needed for 2018-2019. Inquire with PTF members or Office for details.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.  Next meeting is February 6, 2018.