PTF Meeting Minutes March 6, 2018

In Attendance:

Jennifer Laible (Events), Stacy Mitchell (Playground), Kevin Tucker (Technology), Tricia Monsanto (Secretary),  Alexa Haucke (Student Rep),  Amanda Olson (Fun Run),  Alice & Joel Hansen (Co-Presidents), Whitney Haucke, Kent Davis, Frezer Mekonen, and Sherri Hainje.

Meeting started at 6:30pm

Joel opened in prayer

Upcoming Events: (Kent Davis/Alice Hansen)

  • 3/16-Town Hall – 6:00pm
  • 3/19-3/23 Science Week- Science activities all week long
  • 3/14-EATT. Details coming soon
  • 3/23-Science Expo – Vendors will be set up around the building. Dinner starts at 5 and Alex Zerbe show starts at 7:00 pm.

Tickets are free and available at school.

  • 4/30-5/4 – Staff Appreciation week(Alice Hansen): More volunteers needed for afternoon ideas for the teachers




  • Family Fund Bake Sale: (Jen L. for Valerie Dominique)- Bake sale raised $52.00 this week


Fun Run: (Amanda Olsen)

  • Fun Run will be at Maple Leaf Park on Friday, May 18 @ 10am.
  • Business sponsors needed.
  • Parents can help by building pledges or volunteering the day of the event.


CYO Sports: (Holly Reichmann)

  • No updates at this time


Parent Led Activities:  (Alice Hansenn)

  • Volunteer parents needed.

Playground: (Kent Davis)

  • Greenhouse completed
  • Playground is completed until next phase
  • Future goal to purchase playground equipment


Technology:  (Kevin Tucker)

  • He is available Wednesday afternoons after school for kids who are interested.
  • Video editing also available.


Budget:  (Whitney Haucke)

  • No updates at this time. Budget sufficient.

Student Rep:  (Alexa Haucke)

  • Lady Bug issue on the third floor.


School/Child Center:  (Kent Davis)

  • Next year students in K-8th will have 1:1 technology
  • A Fairview add is being aired on AM radio

Other Business:

  • MOD Pizza fundraiser was a success and great turnout.
  • Prayer group meets every Wednesday at 9am
  • There are several open board positions needed for 2018-2019. Inquire with PTF members or Office for details.
  • Volunteers needed for Easter Egg Hunt at Maple Leaf on 3/31.


Meeting adjourned at 7:09 pm