Early in our history one of our senior pastors, Albert F. Gray, would found the Pacific Bible College in Spokane, Washington. The college, now located in Portland, Oregon, is known as Warner Pacific College.

Since the early 1970’s our church, under the leadership of Jim Lyon, dreamed of starting a new ministry focused on children and families, the ministry of a Christian school.

After years of prayerful planning and saving, in December 1984 the church was finally ready. As we continued to pray and seek God about our continuing passion for this new ministry, a miracle happened:(hyperlink to page on church site) we acquired and renovated our current facility, The Fairview School, a 1930’s brick building that had long since closed its doors as a Seattle Public school.

In 1985 we changed our name From Woodland Park Church to Fairview Ministries in order to not only better fit with our physical location (the school) but as a constant reminder of our refocused mission to empower children through education.


In the words of Jim Lyon: