Parent-Teacher Fellowship

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is Fairview Christian School’s parent-teacher organization. Our PTF is similar to a traditional Parent Teacher Association (PTA), but with a closer knit, private, Christian education spin on it. Parents have always been a vital part of the support system for Fairview to meet the demands of community outreach, fundraising, capital improvements, and classroom service. To learn more about how it works and how to get plugged in, come to our monthly meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the library on the third floor. Food is available at 6:00pm, and the meetings start at 6:30. Childcare is provided. If you have any questions or suggestions you may email the PTF President at [email protected]  

PTF Meeting Minutes October 6, 2015 October 19th, 2015

PTF Meeting 10/06/2015 Attendance: Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Susan Moriarty, Jen Laible, Holly Reichman, Valerie Dominique, Sharilee West, Amanda Olson, Debbie Christensen, Leanna Ramos, Kevin Tucker The meeting was called to order at 6:35 pm Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin. September minutes were posted on the website. No one had any additions or corrections. All in attendance voted to approve the budget. Events The ice cream social was a great success.  A number of new families helped scoop ice cream. The feedback on the prizes for completing the classroom passport was great. There was a great turnout. The first family fund bake sale was held and $84.50 was raised.  The brownies were the biggest hit. The multicultural Dinner is October 22nd.  We will be eating in the auditorium and the displays will be in the gym.  Kids will be standing by the displays and talking about them, but there is no actual program. Upcoming events will be a November family fund bake sale.  The Bazaar is cancelled due to lack of vendors.  There are no PTF events in November. The Harvest Party is scheduled for October 30th. Jen discussed the survey results.  They don’t expect many more to come in.  The general theme is that people would like to see more art and upgrades to the playground, Fundraising Update Order forms for the wreath sale will go out shortly.  There is a small cost increase in the items for purchase and Corrin is going to go in Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes September 8, 2015 September 9th, 2015

PTF Meeting 9/8/2015 Attendance: Deanna Gallichan, Holly Beichman, Alice Hansen, Jennifer Marasiso, William Anderson, Amanda Olsen, Jonathan Sandelin, Whitney Haucke, Samuel Sandelin, Susan Moriarty, Kevin Tucker, Valerie Dominique, Melody McGuire, Maggi Windsor, Ella and Randall Born, Lonni Cerezo, Kate Henderson, Jennifer Laible The meeting was called to order at 6:26 pm. Opening Prayer was led by President Jonathan Sandelin. August minutes were posted on the website. No one had any additions or corrections. Jennifer discussed the first PTF event of the year, the Ice Cream Social and Back to School Night.  We have volunteers to scoop ice cream at the social. This is a great opportunity for the families of the school and child care center to learn more about the PTF, including: opportunities to volunteer, fundraisers, who current board members are, CYO sports, and the PTF budget and what PTF funds.  Children will have an opportunity to watch a video during the meeting portion. After this there is an opportunity to visit the classrooms and child care center. The social is scheduled for 6:30 pm on September 24. Jennifer discussed the block party.  She encouraged everyone to invite friends and family.  There will be food (hot dogs), a lip sync contest, games, a bouncy house and an outdoor movie. This block party is scheduled for Friday September 11th. Jonathan encouraged everyone to attend and share the invitation to others.  This is great opportunity to mix events with the church and the school. Jonathan gave a fundraising update.  Chinook Books Read More

PTF Minutes, May 5, 2015 June 2nd, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes May 5, 2015 Holly Reichmann, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Sharilee West, Whitney Haucke, Jennifer Laible, Kevin Tucker, Valerie Dominique, Deanna Gallichan and Marylinda Epps The meeting was opened at 6:34 with prayer by Jonathan Sandelin. BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments on or changes to the April meeting minutes or the minutes for the special session held on April 30, 2015. Thank you to everyone who participated. EVENTS Jen Laible was unable to get in contact with the Mariners’ organization regarding tickets so it was decided that Fairview will not attend a game this year. PTF members can provides cookies for the Spring program to be held Thursday, May 7. The talent show, a middle school event, will be Thursday, May 14. Marylinda suggested and volunteered to serve popcorn at the talent show. The PTF Board reviewed the end of the year teacher gift letter which will go out to all classes. The letter asks families to contribute toward appreciation gifts for all of the teachers. Teachers have been surveyed to find out what gift cards they would appreciate receiving. The gifts will be given at the end of the school year. FUNDRAISING Jog-a-thon Amanda reported that they have received 20 business sponsorships for the event this year. Some sponsorships represent in-kind contributions such as time donated to print T-shirts and some are cash sponsorships. Pooh and Ocean rooms children will participate in a mini Jog-a-thon on Thursday, May 14. The main event will be Friday morning, May 15. Pledges Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, April 30, 2015 Special Session April 30th, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes Special Session April 30, 2015 Attending were Holly Reichmann, Sharilee West, Jennifer Laible, Vicki Paulus, Whitney Haucke and Leanna Ramos. The meeting was opened by Mrs. West at 12:45 p.m. This special session was called by Ms. West who motioned that the Fairview Christian School PTF authorizes Korin Sandelin to write a personal check to the Seattle Public Utilities Water Department to cover an outstanding water bill of one of our Fairview families. The Fairview PTF will receive funds to cover this expense. The motion was seconded by Whitney Haucke and approved unanimously by all in attendance. The meeting was adjourned at 2:04. PTF Meeting Minutes 2015 Apr 30 Special Session

PTF Meeting Minutes, April 14, 2015 April 21st, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes April 14, 2015 Miss Henderson, Deanna Gallichan, Jennifer Laible, Holly Reichmann, Vicki Paulus, Valerie Dominique, Whitney Haucke, Amanda Olson, Dacia Ray, Kevin Tucker, Mrs. Sperry The meeting was opened at 6:34 with prayer by Whitney Haucke. Whitney will be leading the meeting in Jonathan Sandelin’s absence. BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS Please let Vicki Paulus know if you have any comments on or changes to the March meeting minutes. EVENTS Jennifer Laible asked if Fairview families would like to go to the Mariners game this spring. Comments were made regarding the 3rd – 8th grade students attending a Mariners game for the weather fieldtrip in early June so families may not be interested in attending another game. Jennifer will call and find out what dates are available. The Science Fair/Spaghetti Feed was very successful and well attended. A comment was made regarding pre-planning the compost and disposal of food and utensils. Mrs. Ramos stayed late sorting garbage to avoid fines from the city. FUNDRAISING Amanda Olson reported the Jog-a-thon planning is going well. Shirt sizes and business sponsor logos are due Friday, April 24. The sizing sheet is at the table in the main hallway.   Bill and Amanda have visited several local businesses asking them to consider sponsorship. MARKETING Nothing to report. TECHNOLOGY Kevin Tucker reported April 20-24 Fairview will be hosting an electronics recycling event. Bill will be collecting and storing items for recycling from the school community and the neighborhood is also welcome to Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, March 3, 2015 March 10th, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes March 3, 2015 Holly Reichmann, Jonathan Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Sharilee West, Whitney Haucke, Jennifer Laible, Kevin Tucker and Marylinda Epps The meeting was opened with prayer by Jonathan Sandelin. BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments on or changes to the February meeting minutes. Thank you to Jen Laible for taking them at the February meeting EVENTS The Spaghetti Dinner (and Science Fair), to be held on March 26, will be organized by Darla Smatlak. Additional volunteers from the community and PTF would be appreciated and can fill in wherever needed. FUNDRAISING Amanda provided details via email regarding the lime green t-shirt design and order for the Jog-a-thon. She provided a timeline for obtaining business sponsorships and which included the need to provide sponsor logos by mid-April for the t-shirts. The t-shirt order arrangements are being made with the same supplier as last year and that vendor will also be able to create the banner. A t-shirt size spreadsheet will be placed in the hallway and in the Kids’ Care room prior to ordering shirts so parents can choose a size for their child. Mrs. West mentioned that the Jog-a-thon business sponsorships should provide the funds to cover the Jog-a-thon costs so the pledges the children collect go directly to the targeted fundraiser. This year’s targeted fundraiser will be the new gym flooring with dollar for dollar matching from the PTF upto $5000. We have collected 2023 Box Tops for Education for a total Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, February 3, 2015 February 23rd, 2015

Fairview Christian School PTF Minutes Tuesday, February 3, 2015 In attendance: Jonathan Sandelin, Kevin Tucker, Sharilee West, Jennifer Laible, Melody McGuire, Whitney Haucke, Amanda Olson, Korin Sandelin, Peter Christensen and Holly Reichmann.   Opening Prayer – Jonathan opened us in prayer at 6:30. Review of last month’s Minutes – Minutes were approved as submitted. Technology Update – Kevin reported. A small group went down to Burien to possibly get some free computers. There was nothing valuable there and so they did not take anything. He is close to getting a new computer set up in Mrs. McGuire’s room. He is working with his current company to see if they would be willing to donate some of their old, unused equipment that would work perfectly for us. He is still interested in starting a Robotics group at school. The Hour of Coding was a huge success. The kids loved it! Special thanks to Kevin for all that he does for the school! Events EATT – EATT has been going well.   The next one is Wednesday, February 18 and the theme is “It’s a Small World” featuring international cuisine. The 100th Day of School is on February 13. The school is collecting sock to donate to Union Gospel Mission. Our goal is at least 100 socks. Middle School Fundraiser – On February 13 the 7th/8th graders are offering babysitting. Half the money will go to the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser and half will go to the Middle School fund. Watch for Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, January 6, 2015 January 19th, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes January 6, 2015 Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Valerie Dominique, Sharilee West, Mike Haucke, Amanda Olson and Bev Lehman The meeting was opened at 6:42 with prayer by Jonathan Sandelin. BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments on or changes to the December meeting minutes. $2008 was collected for the Christmas Love Offering for teachers. Mrs. Lehman expressed thanks for the gift and also for her recently installed new whiteboard. EVENTS Encourage A Teacher’s Tummy (EATT) will be Wednesday, Jan. 21. The theme will be “Appetizers and Desserts”. Please sign up to bring something for this lunch to encourage our teachers. The Child Center and K-8 Open House will be Thursday, Jan. 29 at 6:00 pm. Volunteers are requested to take prospective families on school tours. The Scholastic Book Fair will take place the week of Jan. 26. Valerie Dominique is organizing the volunteers for this event. Mrs. West suggested extending the hours to before school and longer after school to make the book fair available to more families. FUNDRAISING Wreath sales continued after the school let out for Christmas break. The final amount earned will be reported at a future meeting. Amanda asked about the preferred location for the jog-a-thon. Maple Leaf Park worked well last year so it was agreed to hold the event there again. Planning for the jog-a-thon is underway. Sponsorship ideas were discussed. MARKETING Additional Fairview t-shirt and sweatshirt orders may be taken into January.   Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, December 2, 2014 January 5th, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes December 2, 2014 Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Valerie Dominique, Peter Christensen, Sharilee West and Bev Lehman BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments on or changes to the November meeting minutes. EVENTS The Child Center and K-8 Christmas programs are coming up this month on Thursday, Dec. 8 and K-8 on Thursday, Dec. 11. Volunteers are needed to bring cookies, to setup the reception in the main hall and set up the auditorium. Extra wreaths and also Scrip cards will be for sale at the program and a Love Offering will be taken for the teachers. Note: Some families have not been getting the Eagle News email each week. The new format makes it easier to read on a smartphone but the transition has caused some to not receive it. Sheila is working on resolving this problem.   FUNDRAISING Korin Sandelin will be sorting wreaths Thursday, Dec. 4. Extra wreaths will be for sale at the Christmas program. Amanda will be moving forward with planning the Jog-a-thon after the holidays. The PTF board decided the targeted fundraiser for the Jog-a-thon would be to raise money for the new gym flooring. The board voted to match, dollar for dollar, the funds raised by students up to $5000. Jonathan and Mrs. West discussed the flooring options and encouraged everyone to vote for one of the options. Fairview would also like to pursue grant funds for new playground equipment and will Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, Nov. 4, 2014 November 18th, 2014

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes November 4, 2014 Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Korin Sandelin, Vicki Paulus,Valerie Dominique, Debbie Christensen, Peter Christensen, Sherilee West, Candy Bratcher and Kevin Tucker BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments on or changes to the October meeting minutes.   EVENTS The Thanksgiving feast is the next event in November and will be held Wednesday, Nov. 19. Teachers will be bringing the food. Volunteers are needed for setup and serving. EATT volunteers may be asked to help since that falls on the same day. December events include two programs, Child Center on Thursday, Dec. 8 and K-8 on Thursday, Dec. 11. Cookie reception will follow. More details will be included in December minutes. FUNDRAISING The Chinook Book sale raised $1400. Wreath sale ended today, Nov. 4. Wreaths are ordered by the case so extras will be sold as needed and at December events. A parent suggested to Korin to have an informational poster for each fundraiser to post in the hall or office and FAQs to post on the website to help parents who are new or have questions. Suggestions were requested for the fundraising goal for the Jogathon. The gym floor was suggested as the fundraiser. Jonathan attended the new gym floor committee meeting. Carpet would be approximately $16K and poured flooring would cost $53K. Hardwood is comparable to the poured floor. Another option being investigated is cork flooring. Any flooring chosen will have courtlines. Middle schoolers prepared 3300 box Read More