Parent-Teacher Fellowship

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is Fairview Christian School’s parent-teacher organization. Our PTF is similar to a traditional Parent Teacher Association (PTA), but with a closer knit, private, Christian education spin on it. Parents have always been a vital part of the support system for Fairview to meet the demands of community outreach, fundraising, capital improvements, and classroom service. To learn more about how it works and how to get plugged in, come to our monthly meetings. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the library on the third floor. Food is available at 6:00pm, and the meetings start at 6:30. Childcare is provided. If you have any questions or suggestions you may email the PTF President at [email protected]  

PTF Meeting Minutes, Sept. 9, 2014 October 19th, 2014

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes September 9, 2014 Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Korin Sandelin, Bev Lehman, Vicki Paulus, Jenny Diaz-Bernardes, Sharilee West, Robert Christiansen, Peter Christiansen, Valerie Dominique and Whitney Haucke. There were no comments or changes to the July meeting minutes. The PTF board has one outstanding position to fill: Marketing chairperson. Jonathan suggested this position could include responsibility for updating content on the new Fairview website. EVENTS Convocation will be held in the gym on Sunday, September 14. Those attending will be asked to bring an appetizer or finger food item to share. PTF will provide beverages including lemonade and coffee. Back to School Night will take place the evening of Thursday, September 25. This event is held to encourage school-wide involvement in PTF. Agenda items for the Back to School Night PTF meeting include changes to the EATT (Encourage A Teacher’s Tummy) program, announcing the vacant Marketing position on the PTF board, a description of the SCRIP program fundraiser, a review of the PTF budget and asking everyone to return the School Involvement Survey. FUNDRAISING The Chinook book fundraiser is underway and will end Friday, October 3. Any student who sells one of each type of Chinook book (the coupon book, the mobile version and the combo pack) will be entered in a drawing to win 2 free passes to the Children’s Museum that were donated by the Chinook book office. Fundraising for the flood repairs was discussed and ideas were Read More

PTF Meeting Minutes, Oct. 7, 2014 October 19th, 2014

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes October 7, 2014 Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Korin Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Jenny Diaz-Bernardes, Debbie Christensen, Peter Christensen and Whitney Haucke. BOARD ANNOUNCEMENTS There were no comments or changes to the September meeting minutes. Jonathan requested that the meeting minutes posted on the website include a downloadable PDF or Word file to be easily printed. A suggestion was made to add a CYO sports coordinator position to the PTF board. Jonathan moved to add the position and there were no objections. Names were suggested. This person could manage the sports page on the website and provide information about CYO sports teams forming. EVENTS Social Studies Fair is the main event in October. Display tables will be set up in the auditorium and the potluck in the gym. The Eagle News will have more details about the potluck. A short program similar in content to previous years is planned for the SS Fair. FUNDRAISING The Chinook Book sale has been over for a week. Twenty-one families will need to return items or be charged for them on their statement. Fairview ordered 100 packets and passed them out to 90 families. Whatever items have not been sold need to be returned. Next meeting Korin will have finalized numbers and amounts. Wreath sales will be the last week of October and first week or two of November. Volunteers will be needed the week after Thanksgiving break to sort the right items to the Read More