Robotics at Fairview!

We’re jumping in with both feet and not only fielding teams to compete in the Vex Robotics competition this year, but also will be hosting competitions here at Fairview! Take a look at the video below to see what the competition is all about.

The competition events that we’re hosting are coming up soon! These events are free for anyone to come to see and root on your favorite Robot Team. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 15th
Saturday, January 19th
See a list of all WA VEX IQ Events

We’re currently recruiting all kinds of volunteers to help us run these fun and exciting events! Descriptions of official positions are listed on the Robotics Education site.

We are also looking for sponsors for the event to donate items for our concessions stand or funds to help defray our event and team costs. You can donate through our online form or download this form to send or bring in to our office.

30+ teams from all over Washington State will be competing in our events. Our students have been working hard: building, testing, programming and writing about their process of creating a working, moving robot to enter the competition.

Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship
$200+ $25 – $199
Company Name listed in event brochure Company Name listed in event brochure
Public thanks announced during the event Public thanks announced during the event
Company logo on Event Banners
Company logo on Event T-Shirts

*We will also do our best to find other ways to get your business name out to all attendees.

What will your support be providing for Fairview? Here’s a list of just a few of the costs we have for our event and for our teams to be able to compete:
$250 Vex Robot Kits
$300 Vex Challenge field kits
$400 Volunteers: lunches & t-shirts
~$200 Additional Vex Parts
$150 Team registration fees
$25-$50 Event entry fees
And if we make it to State or beyond, there will be travel costs for the team.

Special Sponsorships:
□ Concessions: Any assistance with providing supplies for our concessions stand during the events. (Receive Silver or Gold benefits based on retail value of goods provided)
□ $200+: Your company name on one of the Vex Challenge Fields. This is front and center during the entire event. (Also receive other Gold Sponsorship benefits)
□ $100+: Your company name on one of the Skills Challenge Fields. (Also receive other Siler Sponsorship benefits)
□ $35+: Advertise your business as a lunch location at the event. (Also receive other Silver Sponsorship benefits)



Informational websites

REC Foundation (Robotics, Education & competition Foundation)
Inspiring students, one robot at a time. This is where we find all the info about the challenges and for running an event.

Robot Events (part of REC)
Where all the events are listed and where event partners go to list their events.

Vex Robotics
Product website. Where we buy stuff