School Administrator Job Description

The Fairview Christian School (FCS) Administrator is responsible for leading FCS in growth and quality improvement while managing overall issues pertaining to staff, students, public relations, finances, policies, and spiritual health.

The position title used by the Administrator is determined based on the Administrator’s qualifications and in cooperation with the School Board and Senior Pastor.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinates with all departments including Pastors, administrative staff, teachers, and students .
  • Works with administration to develop the yearly FCS budget and provides timely updates to the school board regarding financial health.
  • Ensures strategic teaching methods that promote the best quality education for the students.
    Ensures student performance records are current and parents are informed and updated regularly as to their student’s development.
  • Recruits new teachers, subs substitutes, and student teachers.
  • Interviews new students and their families/guardians at the time of admission, insuring optimal fit with the FCS mission.
  • Provides motivation in a service-leadership style that generates momentum in developing and maintaining an encouraging educational environment.
  • Directs the teaching staff regarding new teaching and policy implementation.
  • Conducts meetings with teachers to discuss new points of school and student development.
  • Works with teachers to continually adapt a peer review system that affirms and guides teachers in educational skills.
  • Conducts teacher reviews at least annually to assess performance
  • Interacts with administration to provide connection points to attract new students.
  • Accountable for issue management and resolution related to school staff and students
  • Works with the FCS Board to ensure quality and with the (PTF) Parent Teacher Fellowship to communicate with parents and encourage their involvement.
  • Solves problems in a manner noted for innovation, wisdom, knowledge of best practices, and respectful communication

Skills and Specifications

  • The school administrator must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, model the fruits of the spirit in all aspects of their life, and have a working knowledge/understanding of Scripture.
  • The ability to envision program enhancements and success in new circumstances coupled with the ability to motivate others to purposeful achievement.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Optimistic and appreciative personality.
  • Committed to the growth of education and students.
  • Capable of working in stressful situations and for long hours.
  • Good management and problem solving skills.
  • Currency in the latest education policies. (i.e., Local, State, National, and Christian Education)

Education and Qualification

  • Educational and experiential background in alignment with the contractual details negotiated with the School Board, Church Trustees, and the Senior Pastor.