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PNB’s Nutcracker December 6th, 2014

Our much-anticipated field trip to Nutcracker was enjoyed by all. From the back two rows of the second tier of McCaw Hall, third and fourth graders experienced this top-notch production. The giant mouse king and the peacock seemed to be a couple of highlights for our class. Now that I have found the music on Youtube, I may continue playing it for the students for some time. 🙂 Prior to the show, we marveled at the details of the huge model railroad scene set up for the holidays in the Seattle Center Armory (the former Center House). We were all able to sit together to eat our sack lunches there as well. After pausing for photo ops after the show, we braved heavy traffic to return to school. All in all, we feel very blessed to have had this wonderful opportunity.  

Beverly Lehman - Blog

Veterans’ Day November 11th, 2014

My dad was one of the guests who are veterans who came to our assembly November 10th. It was a privilege to sing patriotic songs together, listen to a short history of the day, and say thanks to the veterans who attended. After the assembly, my dad joined the third and fourth graders in the classroom to answer questions about his service in World War II. He was in the Army Signal Corps, working in England and France enabling communications from headquarters in London to the front lines.  Here are some of the questions and answers heard in Room 201: Was it scary? Sometimes. Where we stayed in Eastbourne, England, we were on the buzzbomb path. The one that landed closest to me was about two blocks away. It opened up a hole almost the size of the classroom. Working on antennas in 85-mile-an-hour winds was scary. Once in a very dark location, we were told the enemy had parachuted in behind us and was ready to destroy our communication set-up. Fortunately, it was unharmed. What was it like working on the Eiffel Tower? Normally we took the elevator to the top, but when it was cold, the hydraulic system didn’t work because the water froze. When that happened we took the stairs, 1700 of them. They were not in good repair so the handrail was not complete. We would almost hug the pole the stairs wrapped around, as the wind would be at our back and then the front Read More

Beverly Lehman - Blog

Accidental Khaki Day October 21st, 2014

One recent day, everyone showed up in khaki! (Please click on the title if the pictures aren’t showing.)

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Beverly Lehman

Fairview has been my second home for many years, most of those teaching third grade or a third and fourth grade combination class. For a number of those years, I enjoyed having my son and daughter, now grown, also at Fairview. I have loved serving the Lord in the supportive family atmosphere felt among our students, parents, and co-workers. When not at school I like to read Christian fiction, play word games, watch sports, and scour thrift shops for bargains. My husband and I enjoy some specialized collectible items, including our multiple shelves of old Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. A few years ago I got to go to China, and have recently been able on several occasions to travel around the US, but given the chance to travel, I usually head for San Diego to visit my (adorable) grandsons. I am encouraged often by this verse, both for myself, my family, and my students: Philippians 1:6 “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”