Join other Maple Leafers in an Emergency Preparedness Drill

If a natural disaster hits our city, Maple Leaf residents will be on their own for anywhere from three days to two weeks. The City of Seattle has no “official” place for residents to go for help and supplies in our area. The Maple Leaf Community Council is working with other neighborhoods and the City of Seattle to help address this issue.

One of the first things to go in a big disaster event will be communications. Neighborhood organizations, in cooperation with area amateur Ham Radio operators and the City of Seattle, are creating a robust and survivable alternative communication network. Maple Leaf, as the highest point in northeast Seattle, will play a big role in this communication network.

But, we need your help.

On Saturday, May 19th, a citywide practice session is taking place to test this emergency communications system. We need volunteers from Maple Leaf to spend their Saturday morning helping us with the drill. You don’t need any expertise in radio. You can bring your older kids so they can learn to help, too. This is your chance to practice communications that could save a family member’s life or the life of one of your neighbors.

That’s important enough to convince you to spare one Saturday morning, right?

What: City of Seattle Emergency Communications Hub Drill
When: Saturday, May 19 8:30am until noon
Where: Maple Leaf Park. Look for the white tent near the corner of 14th Ave NE and NE 82nd Street.
Who: Anyone – No experience required!

Registration appreciated, but not required to:

You’ll be given instruction on the use of a walkie-talkie (provided to you on loan for the drill), proper procedures, and proper paperwork. This drill will simulate reporting emergencies and damage. You’ll call it into the Maple Leaf Hub via walkie-talkie. The Amateur Radio team at the Maple Leaf Hub will call it into the City of Seattle’s Emergency Operations Center.

Neighborhoods around the city will be participating in this event. Let’s make sure Maple Leaf is well represented!

For more information and to register, email

Thank you,

Your Maple Leaf Community Council

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