PTF Meeting Minutes, Sept. 9, 2014

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014

Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Korin Sandelin, Bev Lehman, Vicki Paulus, Jenny Diaz-Bernardes, Sharilee West, Robert Christiansen, Peter Christiansen, Valerie Dominique and Whitney Haucke.

There were no comments or changes to the July meeting minutes.

The PTF board has one outstanding position to fill: Marketing chairperson. Jonathan suggested this position could include responsibility for updating content on the new Fairview website.


Convocation will be held in the gym on Sunday, September 14. Those attending will be asked to bring an appetizer or finger food item to share. PTF will provide beverages including lemonade and coffee.

Back to School Night will take place the evening of Thursday, September 25. This event is held to encourage school-wide involvement in PTF. Agenda items for the Back to School Night PTF meeting include changes to the EATT (Encourage A Teacher’s Tummy) program, announcing the vacant Marketing position on the PTF board, a description of the SCRIP program fundraiser, a review of the PTF budget and asking everyone to return the School Involvement Survey.


The Chinook book fundraiser is underway and will end Friday, October 3. Any student who sells one of each type of Chinook book (the coupon book, the mobile version and the combo pack) will be entered in a drawing to win 2 free passes to the Children’s Museum that were donated by the Chinook book office.

Fundraising for the flood repairs was discussed and ideas were generated including connecting with alums and others locally who attended the original Fairview school, a Gofundme site, producing a video of convocation being held in the effected space or another event involving the kids.

Jonathan requested suggestions for the Jog A Thon fundraising target and he asked everyone to ask their kids what is important to them. Last year’s fundraising target was whiteboards for the classrooms and musical instruments.


Jenny has offered to lead the process of creating the new Fairview t-shirt with the Bible verse.

Valerie has offered to look into the cost of ordering Fairview shopping bags.




The new website has been released with most pages complete or near completion. Kevin is requesting volunteers to update and own content on the new website.

Vicki offered to update the PTF page and add meeting minutes and other documents and information.

Campus WiFi is also available now thoughout the building but Mrs. West reported some problems accessing it in the gym for chapel on Friday.


The new budget was reviewed and Whitney reported a few small changes from last year such as a change in the anticipated Family Fee and a question about the number of classrooms this year. Some of the budget categories will be adjusted as expenses, such as purchasing the musical instruments and gift cards for the Teacher Love Offering, from last year are paid.


Snow days scheduled for February 13 and May 22 will be used to make up the first two days of school missed due to the flooding.

We are praying for additional students to enroll during this school year.

Mrs. West and Pastor Christiansen encouraged everyone to watch the TED talk by Simon Sinek called, “Begin with Why” to help us with better understanding out purpose.

Longer version (18 min.)

Shorter version (5 min.)


Valerie asked if we would like to hold the Scholastic Book Fair this year during Literature Week (last week of January) and everyone agreed that would be good.

Valerie also asked if we would like to hold the Box Top campaign to collect and turn in box tops. She will contact Sheila about submission dates.


The next PTF meeting will be Tuesday, October 7, 2014 starting at 6:30. Pizza and childcare are provided. Everyone is welcome.

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