PTF Meeting Minutes, Nov. 4, 2014

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2014

Jen Laible, Deanna Gallichan, Holly Reichman, Jonathan Sandelin, Korin Sandelin, Vicki Paulus,Valerie Dominique, Debbie Christensen, Peter Christensen, Sherilee West, Candy Bratcher and Kevin Tucker


There were no comments on or changes to the October meeting minutes.



The Thanksgiving feast is the next event in November and will be held Wednesday, Nov. 19. Teachers will be bringing the food. Volunteers are needed for setup and serving. EATT volunteers may be asked to help since that falls on the same day.

December events include two programs, Child Center on Thursday, Dec. 8 and K-8 on Thursday, Dec. 11. Cookie reception will follow. More details will be included in December minutes.


The Chinook Book sale raised $1400.

Wreath sale ended today, Nov. 4. Wreaths are ordered by the case so extras will be sold as needed and at December events.

A parent suggested to Korin to have an informational poster for each fundraiser to post in the hall or office and FAQs to post on the website to help parents who are new or have questions.

Suggestions were requested for the fundraising goal for the Jogathon. The gym floor was suggested as the fundraiser.

Jonathan attended the new gym floor committee meeting. Carpet would be approximately $16K and poured flooring would cost $53K. Hardwood is comparable to the poured floor. Another option being investigated is cork flooring. Any flooring chosen will have courtlines.

Middle schoolers prepared 3300 box tops with an additional 1800 located by Sheila. They were all prepared and sent and will raise over $500 for the school. Valerie requested a party for the middle school helpers. The next deadline for turning in box tops is early March 2015.


T-shirts are being designed and Jenny and Leanna will report to us in the near future.

Valerie researched grocery bags. Ordering 150-250 would cost between $250-350. They could be handed out at the Christmas programs to families and friends.


The budget is on track and musical instruments have been purchased.


K-8 half day on Friday for the end of the quarter.

All Child Center rooms are back to normal and the bathroom between Kindergarten and Frog room will be available tomorrow.

Middle school silent auction begins Nov. 24 and goes through Friday, Dec. 5 with a taco dinner (by donation). Auction donations are continuing to be accepted.


Mr. Christensen’s printer has been replaced and a new one has been ordered for Mrs. Lehman.

We viewed the Eagle View video that will be added to the website. Other videos will be created and added. We’re looking for volunteers to do video editing and production.

The goal is for each classroom to have a built-in whiteboard and in the future add Mimeo smartboard add ons for each one.


At the beginning of the meeting, Samuel Sandelin proposed having a student representative attend PTF meetings. Samuel presented his proposal document which is included as an attachment. Board members discussed the idea of having a student council with more student representatives. Mr. Christensen will explore the idea with Mrs. Ramos to see if other students are interested.

Scholastic book fair is confirmed for Literature Week.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next PTF meeting will be Tuesday, December 2, 2014 starting at 6:30. Pizza (at 6:00) and childcare are provided. Everyone is welcome.

Student Representative Proposal

PTF Meeting Minutes 2014 Nov 4