from the West Wing

The other day I had an interesting experience that got me thinking about how I try to operate my life sometimes. My mom had dropped her cell phone, the back fell off and battery popped out. She put it all back together, but the screen was blank, even after putting it on the charger. We decided to go get her a new phone and after some long deliberation we finally decided on one that would suit her needs. The clerk took her phone to transfer the information, flipped it open and when I glanced over, the screen was turned on. I asked, “What did you do to get the screen working?” “I turned the phone on,” was her simple reply. All of a sudden it hit me. Of course, when the battery came out, the phone would have been turned off. Neither my mom nor I had thought to simply turn it back on again. We had a good laugh, thanked the clerk for “fixing” the phone and went on our way, feeling a little sheepish I might add. I’m sure the clerk is getting a lot of mileage out of the story as well.

That experience got me thinking about how I sometime approach life. I’m going along, living my day to day life and everything is wonderful. In the busy-ness of life, I begin to neglect some of the things that are most important for my spiritual well being. My prayers are shorter; my time in the Word is not as meaningful; I’m not really listening to what God is trying to tell me. Then something happens and the back falls off and the battery pops out. Suddenly, it seems that my lifeline is gone! Without even stopping to understand the situation, I go into panic mode. The screen is blank. What am I to do? Have you ever been there or is it just me?

The thought that came to me through the experience with my mom is, perhaps the only thing I need to do it turn the power back on. You see, God is not the one who has gone away. He is always there, fully charged, just waiting to listen, help, and guide. The problem is not with Him. The problem is with me. I’m the one who has “turned off the phone.” It really is that simple.

My prayer for today is that I would never forget that God is always there for me. He is waiting to give me all that I need and even more than I can imagine. Nothing is really broken. All I need to do is turn the power back on.

Thanks for listening.

Conquering in power!

Mrs. West