PTF Meeting Minutes, February 3, 2015

Fairview Christian School

PTF Minutes

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In attendance: Jonathan Sandelin, Kevin Tucker, Sharilee West, Jennifer Laible, Melody McGuire, Whitney Haucke, Amanda Olson, Korin Sandelin, Peter Christensen and Holly Reichmann.


  • Opening Prayer – Jonathan opened us in prayer at 6:30.
  • Review of last month’s Minutes – Minutes were approved as submitted.
  • Technology Update – Kevin reported.
    • A small group went down to Burien to possibly get some free computers. There was nothing valuable there and so they did not take anything.
    • He is close to getting a new computer set up in Mrs. McGuire’s room.
    • He is working with his current company to see if they would be willing to donate some of their old, unused equipment that would work perfectly for us.
    • He is still interested in starting a Robotics group at school. The Hour of Coding was a huge success. The kids loved it! Special thanks to Kevin for all that he does for the school!
  • Events
    • EATT – EATT has been going well.   The next one is Wednesday, February 18 and the theme is “It’s a Small World” featuring international cuisine.
    • The 100th Day of School is on February 13. The school is collecting sock to donate to Union Gospel Mission. Our goal is at least 100 socks.
    • Middle School Fundraiser – On February 13 the 7th/8th graders are offering babysitting. Half the money will go to the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser and half will go to the Middle School fund. Watch for details in the Eagle News.
    • Science Fair and Spaghetti Dinner are coming up in March.
  • Jog-a-thon Update – Amanda reported that she sent in the fee to hold Maple Leaf Park for our event. She has some new volunteers for the day of the jog-a-thon. We decided to offer the t-shirt guy free sponsorship on the t-shirt if he will donate his time, which is what we did last year. The shirts will be Seahawk green with Fairview blue writing. We discussed different ways to keep track of laps run.
  • Book Fair update – Valerie was unable to attend the meeting but reported via email that we sold $727.14 in books which translates into $363.50 in Scholastic dollars for us to use to add books to our library.
  • Box tops – Valerie also informed us via email that the spring submission date for Box Tops is April 15. She suggested having a Box Top Drive February 9 – 20 and she volunteered to coordinate.   Amanda will make sure it is in the Eagle News.
  • Budget Update – Whitney reported on the budget. We have plenty of money and we are on target for our fundraisers. She reviewed some of the expenses. Sharilee reported that because the school is eligible for Title 2 funds, she uses those when she can before using up the CE Assistance. There will be some expenses coming thru soon to the CE Assistance fund.
  • School/Child Center Update
    • The Floor – The Flooring Committee has reconvened and is looking more closely at all of the products voted on earlier. The poured floor was the front runner but because of some recent reports of installation failures they are doing more investigation. The church is also working with some plumbers to make sure that the drainage system won’t fail again. They have discovered that the drainage in the parking lot can backflow into the building so they are getting that fixed but it may take some time. Obviously we don’t want to install another floor and have the same thing happen again.
    • KCMS Education Auction – Amanda reported that Fairview is currently auctioning off one year of tuition on the KCMS Education Auction. The bidding starts at half of one year’s tuition so it’s a great opportunity for a new family. Fairview will get the information on anyone who bids on it so we can contact them and offer them the same great deal and KCMS gives us advertising time (the amount of advertising time is based on how much is raised in the auction).
    • Open House/Registration Night – Sharilee thanked everyone who came on January 26 to give tours. We did not have current families in attendance this year, just a few parents who were giving tours. The night was much less hectic than in past years. We had lots of interest from new families and 5 new Pre-K families signed up. Having parents lead the tours seems to be especially effective. We did not have a Kindergarten Preview this year but this feels much more effective. If new families call for tours, Sharilee will email parents to see if they can lead tours during the day on an appointment basis.   We will also use the new sign to target enrollment for specific classes. For example, “We still have openings in 3rd grade! Call now for a personal tour.”
  • Other Business
    • Student Council – On behalf of Samuel Sandelin, Korin asked about the status of the Student Council. The teachers have been waiting for Samuel to take the lead and find out if there are enough interested students to make it happen. Peter said that he would help him make it happen and will even give class time to get a discussion started but he’d like Samuel to take the lead. PTF will fully support if the students can make it happen.
    • Wreath Sale prizes will be given to students/classes soon. The Fall Box Top party is also coming soon!
    • Holly asked about Sports at Fairview. Jonathan will follow-up with Matt Hainje to see if he is interested in being the CYO Chair for the PTF board. If he is not, Holly will do it. CYO Chair is responsible for keeping in touch with St. Catherine’s and making announcements via the Eagle News and Facebook to alert students to sign-up deadlines as well as reporting to the Board.
    • The meeting adjouned at 7:50. The next meeting is March 3, 2015

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