PTF Meeting Minutes, June 2, 2015

Fairview Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2015

Kevin Tucker, Scott and Jenn Callender, Peter Christensen, Deanna Gallichan , Amanda Olson, Jennifer Laible, Holly Reichmann, Susan Meriarty, Valerie Dominique, Jonathan Sandelin, Samuel Sandelin, Vicki Paulus, Sharilee West and Whitney Haucke

The meeting was opened at 6:32 with prayer by Jonathan Sandelin.


There were no comments on or changes to the May meeting minutes.

Officers for 2015-2016

President: Jonathan Sandelin

Treasurer: Whitney Haucke

Secretary: Susan Moriarty

Events Chair: Jennifer Laible

Fundraising Chair: open

Community Outreach/Marketing: Holly Reichmann

Technology: Kevin Tucker

CYO Sports: Holly Reichmann

Jog-a-Thon Chair: Amanda Olson


The Fundraising Chair runs the two fall fundraisers: the Chinook book sale and the wreath sale.


Next Wednesday, June 10, is Pre-Kindergarten graduation.

The melodrama performed by middle school students will be Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6.

Graduation is Thursday evening, June 11. Field day is the last day of school, Friday, June 12.



Amanda reported the final amounts earned by the Jog-a-Thon.

Business sponsorships: $2265

Student pledges:             $6145

Expenses:                           ($1328)

Net Total:                            $7082


PTF will contribute $5000 in addition to the funds earned for a total of $12,082 for the new gym floor.


Bill and the building committee continue to work toward fixing the plumbing issue that caused the flood.



Kevin reported that the Tech Club consists of about 12-15 total students with 6-8 students attending each session. Kevin, Michael R2 and the students and families will determine whether to continue during the summer.


Whitney reviewed the budget and noted that expenses are currently under budget but many expenses will post during the summer.


St. Catherine’s soccer program is full for fall. Someone suggested asking about details for cross country. Holly will provide more information about sports in the fall during back to school.


The new gym floor will be installed starting August 3 and the process will take 4 weeks.

PTF can plan a back to school event the Monday, August 31, before school starts. The first day of school for 2015-2016 school year will be Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Maple Leaf Ice Cream Social will be Wednesday, July 29. Fairview usually has a table with information about the school.

Fairview School is sponsored by Fairview Church which is calling a new senior pastor. Glen and Joann McCliven will visit on the last weekend of June. The McCliven’s are being recommended to the Fairview Church elder board as candidates for the position. School families are welcome and invited to come meet the candidate in June.

The Child Center continues to fundraise for a new playground.

Kids Place Vacation Bible school will start Sunday, June 21 and continue each evening through Thursday, June 25, for kids going into Kindergarten through 6th grade.   The camp goes from 6:15 – 8:20.


Samuel reported on responses to questions from the May 5 meeting.

  • Are there things around the school that need to be fixed?
    • New playground improvements
    • Boys’ bathroom as nice as the girls’
    • 3rd floor water fountain pressure is too low
    • Library girls’ bathroom door does not lock
    • Taller water fountain by boys’ bathroom.
    • Ramos’s classroom floor is damaged.


  • What would be a good reward for getting Jog-a-thon business sponsorships?
    • Candy, books, money, food, free vacations J, “no homework” pass


  • What do you hear from friends attending other schools that you would like to have happen at Fairview?
    • Swimming pool, band, grass field, new sports equipment (bats, balls, etc.), musical instruments, tablets, swings, snack vending machine, dress code instead of uniform, new sport in PE like fencing,


Benevolence Fund – The Ice Cream Sale raised $83.97(-43.00) = $40.97.

Positive feedback was given for EATT held monthly during this school year. A Child Center parent suggestion was made to send out service hour opportunities for the year at the beginning of the school year. Renweb is updated with service hours for K-8 students. Amanda Olson suggested that the parent survey be signed when completed in September.

Summer BBQ PTF meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4, at Carkeek Park at 5:30 pm. Bring something to grill and a side dish to share. The school board and elder board will be invited to join the meeting also.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37.

PTF Meeting Minutes 2015 June 2

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