The West Wing

Two weeks ago today we gathered at 8:50 on the east playground to pray for our new school year. There was wonderful excitement in the air. It truly was a wonderful beginning to another school year here at Fairview.

This Sunday we will gather once again to pray for our new school year. You may be wondering why we have this event. Perhaps you are asking, “Didn’t we just pray for the school year on the first day?” Allow me to give you a little background.

Fairview Christian School is not just a school and Fairview Child Center is not just a child center. Both are major ministries of the Fairview Church. Members of the Fairview Church conceived the idea of sponsoring a Christian school more than forty years ago. That dream became a reality after the congregation was able to purchase and renovate our current building. In the fall of 1985 the first Prekindergarten class began in the basement of John and Lavinia Worthen’s home on Greenlake since the church did not have final occupancy permits in September. That class was eventually moved into the Fairview building and by the next September Fairview school had expanded to include Preschool through grade five.

I’m not sure of the exact year that we began having our Convocation service on a Sunday in September during the regular morning worship, but I do know that once we started, it has been an annual event since. Some may ask why we continue this particular tradition. My answer is not original with me, but comes from Mrs. Christensen. We continue because it is a time “when the church and the school and the child center can come together and pray.”

And THAT’S the reason we invite all of you to come and join us on this one Sunday during the year. We know that many of you have other places where you attend. Many of our faculty and staff attend other places of worship as well. However, on this one Sunday every year we believe it is good for us all to gather together as part of the Fairview family and not only pray for the coming year, but also remember the wonderful heritage of these ministries. I hope to see many of you here on Sunday. Let’s celebrate together!

Mrs. West