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October 6th, 2010

posted by Sharilee West

@ 10:13 am


Today we gathered as a school around the flag pole in our parking lot to join with other Christian students and adults around the country to pray. This event known as “See You at the Pole” was started 20 years ago by a group of teenagers in Burleson, TX who decided to pray for their schools during a discipleship retreat at their church. Two months later, a group of 20,000 teens were challenged to organize prayer groups at their local high schools to pray. On September 12, 1990, 45,000 Christian students at 1,200 high schools in 4 states met at 7:00a to do just that. By 1998 this event had grown to over 3 million participants in all 50 states and 20 countries around the world. God has miraculously used this event to bring students to Christ and change lives. Bible clubs, weekly prayer meetings and other ministries have begun on campuses across our nation where students participated in the “See You at the Pole” event.

    So, why do we participate in this event at Fairview? Our student body consists primarily of students much younger than the typical high school age. And at Fairview, we are not restricted to prayer around our flag pole early in the morning before school starts. So why do we do it? Well, I believe the answer is three-fold. First, I believe it is an excellent avenue to gather once again as a student body to acknowledge that great God we serve and pray for the needs that are before us each day. Second, I believe that it is an opportunity to remind the students gathered that there are Christian students around our country who are not as free to pray publically as we are at Fairview. It is a time to help them realize that there are many who must consciously make a decision to stand up and be counted. Third, I believe that we can use this time to help students stand for their faith in an environment where they will not be ridiculed; and I pray that they will learn to stand on the foundation that is laid for them here as they go from here.

    This year’s theme is REVEAL, based on the Lord’s prayer. Today we gathered, as thousands of others did, and prayed for our school, friends, families, and the world. We asked God to REVEAL Who He is to us. As I was preparing for the event, I was struck by the thought that this year’s “See You at the Pole” theme ties in with our school year theme in a most interesting way. As we learn more and more about the name of God and how he is our strong tower, He will reveal more and more of Himself to us. As He reveals more and more of Himself to us, we will be assured of the safety we can enjoy as we run to Him. In turn, may we learn to stand firm in His mighty power.


September 8th, 2010

posted by Sharilee West

@ 9:19 am

From the West Wing

    One week ago today, backpacks and lunch boxes were filled, faces were scrubbed and new school uniforms were donned. The halls were filled with yellow, white and blue balloons in welcome. Soon the school was filled with happy chatter and the students and parents began to gather for the first day of school. The first day of school ever for some, the first day of the last year at Fairview for others, and for all a new beginning of a new year. One of my friends posted the following on Facebook just before school started: “It’s not back to school – It’s forward to what’s next.” I like that.

    Forward to what’s next; an interesting and inspiring thought. So what is next? What does the future hold? Will it be filled with joy or sadness? Will we have financial gain or loss? Is our future healthy or will sickness strike? Sometimes we think that if God would just lay out the future for us, we could be more prepared. However, I have come to realize that if God showed us the future and all that it held for us, most of us would not be able to handle the knowledge. And besides that, if we knew the future and could adequately prepare for it, we would never have to rely on God and his Grace.

    So, what does the future hold for Fairview Christian School? I really don’t know. But, at the risk of being cliché, I know who holds the future. With such a positive and upbeat first day of school last week, I believe the future for Fairview is bright. And after the positive PTF meeting last night, with fabulous ideas flowing from those in attendance, I believe the future for Fairview is even brighter. But I also believe, that no matter what, God is truly in control here and He is our strong tower.