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September 24th, 2010

posted by Sheila Reid

@ 12:43 pm


A number of our students participate in various sports activities either in partnership with St. Catherine’s in CYO (Catholic Youth Organization), or in other local sports leagues.  The fall soccer and cross country seasons are underway with events every weekend.  When we have information about games that our students participate in, we will post them on our school website calendar.  It’s great when friends come out to cheer you on at a game or meet!  So check out the schedules for upcoming Soccer games and Cross Country meets.  (/calendar/google-calendar/).
Unfortunately, our information is not always complete, especially if you are involved on a community team.   So, if your game times are not listed, please let us know your schedule so we can post it!
Stay informed about the sports programs at Fairview by visiting  The information is constantly changing as we receive more game times and as new sports start up.
Look for basketball sign-ups for students grades 1-8 with St. Catherine’s to come mid-October.
To submit information, send e-mail to If you have any school team questions contact Leigh Tucker, our current St. Catherine’s sports liaison.


July 17th, 2010

posted by Kevin

@ 10:36 pm

Fairview Selected for ACSI Grant to Start Sustainable Funding Campaign

FCS has received a $12,000 grant from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) to send a group of 7 people to be trained by Benevon to create a sustainable funding campaign for the school!

What does this mean for Fairview? It begins the process of fulfilling a 20 year dream started back when this school building was first purchased, to create a Foundation that would aid the budget of the school, cover building renovation projects, and provide scholarships to make the cost of a private education in Seattle affordable to any that desired it.

Benevon is a training group, started here in Seattle, that coaches non-profit organizations in effectively implementing major fundraising efforts. We do this by creating close, ongoing relationships with people who are interested in, and might be willing to invest in, the mission that Fairview has of educating and empowering children in heart, mind, and soul. We are really looking forward to the benefits that can be realized by being good at letting people know about Fairview and sharing our Kingdom mission with them.

We already have 5 committed team members. If you are interested in joining the team on this exciting venture, would like to be included on the funding committee e-mail list, or have questions to know more about what’s going on, please e-mail

As always, keep praying for the school and the great work we’re doing here together to nurture our children and further God’s Kingdom!


July 1st, 2010

posted by Kevin

@ 11:59 pm

Fairview Marketing Committee

A new Fairview Marketing Committee has been formed and is looking for ways to get the word out about our great school! We’ve started putting together some documentation in our FCS Marketing online shared folder at and have a Marketing Committee group e-mail list put together. Click this link if you’d like to subscribe to this e-mail list and see what’s going on and how you might be able to help out.  We’re already looking at education/preschool fairs, getting better signage, and several other ideas!